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Sociology of Me

No description

Sarah Rote

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Sociology of Me

Harriet Martineau
Components of Culture
Characteristics of Adolescence
Agents of Socialization
Mead's Development of Self
Class Discussion
I really enjoyed the video aobut lack of response to the kids spraypainting a car. It was really interesting to see how much racism subtly affected our perception. I believe racism comes from nurture, not nurture because children do not seem to portray it.
American Values
Personal achievement
Adult World
I want to become an engineer. To do so, I am attending Dartmouth College in the fall.
Sociology of Me
Sarah Rote

Chapter 1
Development of Sociology
went against three social norms
invading personal space
asking directions to Disney World
formal dining in mall food court
did NOT enjoy it
felt very uncomfortable with the negative attention
simply showed how ingrained social norms are
Cultural Universals
objective about people she studied
wrote a book analyzing how and if America lived up to its democratic ideals (
Society in America)
believed scholars should solve problems they studied
also translated works of French sociologist Auguste Comte
I relate to her because she believed in helping those she studied.
After taking US Government this year, I am interested in how political beliefs affect social structures.
Social Structure
Roles and Statuses
Social Interaction
Marching band
secondary group
reference group
formal group
member because of shared interests in music
Marple Newtown Class of 2014
secondary group
reference group
formal group
member because of age, education level, location
Rote Family
primary group
reference group
member because of genetics
Cell phones/Smartphones
represent material culture
status symbol (wealth)
combine many devices into one
constant upgrades represent changing technology and changing fashions
traffic signs keep drivers and pedestrians safe
learning to drive is an American symbol of becoming an adult
traffic laws influence culture off the road
games like "Red Light, Green Light"
students walk on right side of hallways
predominantly English-speaking culture
some Americans look down on those who don't speak English
yet learning another language is beneficial for employment opportunities
celebrating with a birthday card in Spanish, in Spanish class
I have taken 6 years of Spanish and hope to continue through study abroad
values are common beliefs within a society about what is important in a person
Americans often seen negatively by other countries
all work and no play
unintelligent, especially since mostly monolingual
Americans view other cultures as backwards
strong pressure for immigrants to integrate culturally
I personally love to travel and experience new cultures, for better or for worse
In front of the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria for tour of Europe with an honors music group
norms are how a society uses its values in practice
provide guidelines for acceptable social behavior
Marching band requires everyone to follow strict instructions on where to stand (coordinates) and how to move (march)
Quite the party, with no one actually interacting
Arts and Leisure: Music
Folk music in Westendorf, Austria
(yes, they're wearing lederhosen)
Marple Newtown Tiger Marching Band,
Memorial Day parade
The cultures of America and Austria celebrate with music in different ways
Folk music in Austria involves dancing and yodeling
American national holidays are celebrated with parades and regal march-style music
Basic Needs: Food
Grocery shopping is done differently in Spain and in America
In Spain, people buy a lot of their food in open-air markets, and they buy entire legs of meat to be sliced at home over the course of several weeks
In America, almost all food shopping is done inside a store, and Americans prefer to buy their meat sliced and packaged
The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain
What one would find in American supermarkets
Education: University
Old anatomy instruction hall at University of Bologna in Bologna, Italy
In front of Baker's Library at Dartmouth College
The post-high school experience in Italy is different from America
In Italy, if you are a citizen the government pays for almost all of your university expenses
In America, public funding only covers students up through 12th grade
(hasn't been used for instructional purposes for a long time)
Family: Housing Circumstances
My house in Newtown Square, PA
Apartments at La Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain
Housing situations are different in Spain and in America
In America, the suburbs are more desirable than the city or the country, and generally only the immediate family lives together
In Spain, the city is the most desirable location to live, and high housing prices mean that children live with their parents well into their late 20s. Extended families (grandparents, aunts and uncles) often live together, too.
Family tradition to wear American flag t-shirts to July 4th parade
Exchange- selling Girl Scout cookies
Cooperation- assembling bunk beds at away band camp
Competition- playing soccer
Role play
Organized games
Undefined status
getting driver's license but restricted due to age
Decision making
college acceptance letters
Increased pressure
to conform
Search for self
injury changed from athlete to musician
Mass media
band member
camp counselor
I want to live on the West Coast. Pictured is me hiking in California.
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