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Defining and Exploring Theme in Seedfolks

Kristin Bauck

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Theme

What is a theme?
How do I talk about it? Theme A theme is the author's message. Wait...is that the same thing as a topic or subject? What is a theme? No. This is important, so PAY ATTENTION! Sort of. Can you give me some examples? Of course. I think I'm getting it. Can you explain the difference between subject and theme one more time? Okay. I get it. Now how do I find a theme and state it in my own words? Finding a theme isn't as complicated as it sounds. First, think of the book's subjects. Once I write down a theme, am I done? Ms. Bergsagel
6th Grade ELA
by Paul Fleischman TOPIC / SUBJECT THEME A TOPIC is what the story is about. For example, Seedfolks is about an urban garden and a community of people. A THEME is the author's message about a topic. It's usually a sentence or phrase. It's sometimes a life lesson. It's the story's deeper meaning. Like an iceberg, it's hidden beneath the surface of the story, and it's up to you to find it! TOPIC / SUBJECT THEME Makes total sense, right? What is the theme of the Lion King? The theme is: "People should live up to their responsibilities because they're needed by the people around them." The subject is robots and life in the future." The theme is: "It is important to pursue great things with our lives and to chase our dreams." What about Robots? And how about Brave? The subject is a princess and her adventures. The theme is: "It's important to discover who YOU are, not who the world tells you to be." One more. Wreck it Ralph. The subject is a video game villian who wants to become a hero. The theme is: "You have the power to change who you are. You can become a hero." For example, Seedfolks is about hope, cooperation, friendship, community, survival, and more. Then, think about what the author is saying about that subject. What does Paul Fleischman believe about hope, cooperation, friendship, community, and survival? Those are the themes. Not a chance! You always need to include evidence from the text to support your ideas. Evidence could be detailed examples from the book, or better yet, a quote and a page number. Always be sure to explain how your evidence supports your ideas. Okay. I think you're ready. Close your iPad and wait for your table members to finish. Then get started on your Theme Check!
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