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Module Four

No description

meg culkeen

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Module Four

Participate in critical analysis of sexual imagery and social media
Session 2: Media and Me
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This session is designed to get girls to think about how they can be affected in the future by what is posted online, and how sharing online can be different than sharing in real life.
Music Literacy and Healthy Relationships
Session 1: Analyzing Media Messages
As technology is influencing the sexual development of youth, module four is designed to provide support for exploring the role media and technology plays in sexual development.
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Session 3: The Things that Make it Different
Sex, Media and Technology

Girls will use the "H.E.R.R" model to identify when popular songs contradict healthy relationship values. They will do this in both a listening activity, and a fun game where they will take a song they know well and change its lyrics to become healthy.
Module Four
Navigating your way through the world wide web

Girls Incorporated (2016)
Informed and In Charge

Session 5: Behind the Music
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Thinking about F2F after meeting online

Social Media often doesn't portray real life honestly, and it's important to not judge people based on their social media, or compare yourself.
Session 4: How IRL is it?
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Understand what sexually explicit media is and understand that just because you see it doesn't mean that behavior is expected of you.

The first activity in the session has girls breaking down what Sexually Explicit Media (SEM) is, and then playing a myth/fact game.

The second activity is a scenario based activity that will give girls the opportunity to assess situations where teens may encounter SEM.
Session 6: The Resource Adventure
Session 7: Sex, Sex, everywhere!
Session 8: Safety First!
Accurately state the message behind a media image and asses its validity and appropriateness for supporting healthy relationships
Name five ways that digital media is unique
Identify sexual imagery and engage in critical conversation about it
Make accurate assessments about digital imagery
Identify important personal and emotional boundaries as they relate to sexual imagery and social media
State their own feelings and values as they relate to sexual media imagery
Identify and address safety concerns as they relate to social media
Message/ Objective:

Girls will be able to recognize when messages are telling you to be sexual or how to define beauty, and make your own choices regardless of those messages.

Split the girls into small groups.

Each group gets a song, a video or an ad from a magazine.

They will work together to answer questions on a worksheet to break down the messages in the piece of media.

Groups then share out what they found.

Session closes with asking girls to think about younger people who see the same messages, discuss what they might think and offer better messages they would hope younger audiences would get.


Understand the difference between passive and interactive media, and how to decide if media images show a healthy or unhealthy vision of sexuality.


As a whole group, girls will brainstorm different types of media, and the messages about sexuality see in them.

They then break into smaller groups and come up with a hashtag promoting healthy sexuality that they can use when they see unhealthy messages about sexuality online.

The session starts with the girls answering questions about their own social media use. (stand up if yes, sit down if no, etc.).

The second activity has girls breaking into groups, and being assigned a characteristic of online posts ( Persistence, Visibility, Spread-ability, Search-ability).

They will then get a scenario and have to decide what to do based on what they have learned about the above characteristic.

It has girls thinking strategically about how they and others can be affected by what is posted online.

First, the girls will play a fun game, where they all take turns acting out a scene as it appears "IRL", and it appears online, and observing/judging whether the social media post was accurate to the real life story they saw.

Next, the girls will create a post that they would actually post, describing their day. Without talking, each member of the group will make a comment on the post.

Conclude with a discussion about the mixed messages we get about #lifegoals, and reality.
Girls will be able to recognize that often, music portrays unhealthy relationship qualities.

Girls will learn what makes a source reliable, and how to find reliable sources.


The main activity has girls thinking about different sources. In groups, they are given a healthy sexuality topic, and a handout about "healthy websites". The groups then need to go onto computer/phones/etc. to find the answers.

Close out the session with a discussion about how difficult it is to find credible sources/how to make sure you're using reliable sources in the future.

Girls will be challenged to think about how to keep themselves safe if they plan to meet up with someone they have met online first.

Girls will discuss reasons people might meet online, what might be easy to lie about, and what safety concerns you might have with meeting someone online.

There will then be scenarios for girls to either act out or discuss regarding safety meeting online.
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