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Great Seattle Fire

No description

Chris Santos

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Great Seattle Fire

The Great Seattle Fire
Jacob Taylor
How did the fire affect the economy?
The fire burned the business district of Seattle. It caused 8 million dollars of damage with the total cost of approximately 20 million dollars.
While most of the business district was destroyed, some good did come out of the fire.
The fire provided the opportunity to re-build Seattle. Not only were buildings made of brick vs. wood; streets were widened, the old, rotten, wooden sewer pipes were replaced, and a non-voluntary fire department was established. This laid the groundwork for better things to come...
How did the fire affect the geography?
After the fire ended, most of the business district was burnt rubble. Many business owners wanted to keep their buildings in the same place, so they decided to cover the burned area.Between 18 and 22 feet of dirt from nearby hills was used.
The buried rubble from the fire is now known as Underground Seattle.
Underground Seattle became a tourist attraction a few decades ago. The attraction is a tour that allows you to see some of the underground area.
Increasing the height of the ground didn't just flatten the hills around Seattle, it made the sewers higher, gave parts of Seattle underground areas, and improved the water pressure.
The water pressure had a direct relationship with the tide. When the tide got very high, the water pressure would rise so much, the water would spray out of the toilets.
The Great Seattle Fire had a positive impact on the geography and economy of Seattle. The reconstruction helped shape Seattle to what it is today (But not before burning it to the ground).
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Great Seattle Fire
The main businesses that prospered were those in the construction, stone, and brick industries.
After the fire, 600 businessmen met to decide how to deal with Seattle's issues. They set up committees to oversee handling of charitable donations and dispersing supplies.
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Due to this quick planning, it took only a month for 100 businesses to re-open (operating out of tents). Within a year, almost 465 buildings had been built and most of the reconstruction complete.
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