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No description

Evan Kvintus

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Geckos

Geckos Introduction Results Diet Geckos eat crickets and roaches and worms
People want geckos around as pets
and people want to eat them
but some people dont want them around. The Geckos that have vocal cords make
sounds and some dont
Geckos have a speacial cord that calls mates
and to protect them. And to tell the mate to run.
Geckos are a very small species of
Lizards. There are more than 1,5oo
kinds of Lizards. Most of them are
green with a pale belly, they have
a tail that is long and thin. They also
have very wide eyes. any way that is
a little bit about the gecko. So I hoped you learned some
unigue facts also I hope you
enjoyed my Prezi.

Thank you,
P.S I have a crested Gecko. GECKOS
Kvintus Behavior
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