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NETS - S Presentation

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Ryan Martinez

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of NETS - S Presentation

NETS - S Technology in the Classroom for Grades 3-5 (Ages 8-11)

Lesson Plan: The American Revolution Debate By Ryan Martinez 4. Select and apply digital tools to collect, organize, and analyze data to evaluate theories or test hypotheses.
(3, 4, 6) 7. Conceptualize, guide, and manage individual or group learning projects using digital planning tools with teacher support 2. Use digital-imaging technology to modify or create works of art for use in a digital presentation. (1,2,6) 5. Identify and investigate a global issue and generate possible solutions using digital tools and resources (3,4) In a debate over the American Revolution, students would be able to meet this standard by creating digital art pieces, using programs like Word, that depict their stances in the debate - British vs. Patriots Students can meet this standard by exploring different websites containing primary and secondary sources that will build a case for their side - British or Patriots. Students can meet this goal by identifying global issues that could share similarities to the American Revolution, or just war in general and come to new alternate solutions to war than the path they are currently on. This can be done by exploring websites containing world news information. Students can meet this goal by working in groups to collaborate on different points on their position on the American Revolution. They can do this using Google Docs to have a joint effort. For more information go to: http://www.iste.org/Content/NavigationMenu/NETS/ForStudents/2007Standards/Profiles/NETS_for_Students_2007_Profiles.htm
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