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Eun Soo Kim

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Oxygen

Making oxygen
Oxygen can be produced naturally by plants, but humans use a process called electrolysis.
Oxygen is vital to human life and can be very useful, but it is also dangerous and problematic as well.
O3, which is made up of 3 oxygen atoms, is also known as ozone.
What is oxygen?
Oxygen is the 8th element found on the periodic table. Its' natural form on Earth is a gas with no color and smell.
The negatives of oxygen
Pure oxygen is very dangerous because it can combust easily when it comes in contact with a flame or spark.
The discovery of oxygen
Oxygen was first discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1772.
How we use oxygen
Pure oxygen, mixed with a chemical called acetylene, creates a very hot flame used for welding (heating & melting metal).
This is why oxygen is transported and stored in oxygen tanks.
Ozone protects the earth from UV rays, but is poisonous to plants and animals.
However, Joseph Priestly also discovered oxygen two years later and spread the news faster than Scheele.
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In electrolysis, electricity passes through water, breaking the water molecules and releasing oxygen and hydrogen gas.
Oxygen is what makes burning possible. When combined with another substance, oxygen creates heat and light. This is called combustion.
Oxygen is also used in fuels for rockets and jets, in order to make the fuel more powerful.
Hospitals use oxygen to kill bacteria, or when a patient has carbon monoxide poisoning.
Water treatments, which purifies water to make it safe for people to drink, also use oxygen.
Oxygen is either held under pressure in gas cylinders or stored as liquid oxygen.
Ozone can also cause nasal (nose) and throat irritation,
lung oedema (fluids leaking and filling in the lungs), which can be lethal,
and skin cancer.
Oxygen might not always be good for humans, but it is an important element.
Oxygen is a light blue color in liquid form.
Thank you for watching!
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