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dental implant

No description

asiss abo

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of dental implant

Whats dental implant A dental implant is an artificial tooth root replacement made of titanium and shaped like a screw.

An artificial tooth that is anchored in the gums or jawbone to replace a missing tooth.

a plastic or metal anchor that is inserted into a jawbone to provide permanent support for a crown, fixed bridge, or denture when the bone itself would provide insufficient support. Dental Implant prepared by : Dt.Asiss A.Abbo
classification of implant 1.Based on implant design
2.Based on attachment mechanism
3.Based on macroscopic body design
4.Based on the surface of the implant
5.Based on the type of the material history the procedure Procedure First Surgical Phase (Implant Placement) Under Local anesthetic the dentist places dental implants into the jaw bone with a very precise surgical procedure. The implant remains covered by gum tissue while fusing to the jaw bone. Second Surgical Phase (Implant Uncovery) After approximately six months of healing. Under local anesthetic, the implant root is exposed and a healing post is placed over top of it so that the gum tissue heals around the post. Prosthetic Phase (Teeth) Once the gums have healed, an implant crown is fabricated and screwed down to the implant. Risk Factors for Dental Implant Success in the Elderly
• Oral Hygiene
• Xerostomia
• Cardiovascular disease
• Diabetes
• Osteoporosis
• Cancer
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