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The NDC Experience

Use this to teach your employees important stuff

Simon Hodson

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of The NDC Experience

reflecting on the NDC experience
From blogs to books
NDC notice board
knutburmeister for the poleroid template.

?twitter for the pic of Scott's talk.

google for the google earth earth

xtremesports.com for the pic of the skydiver

kirbiecravings.com delectablyglutenfree.blogspot.com gooddinnermom.com loseweightandgainhealth.com tailgatefan.cbslocal.com patravel.org for pictures of Food and Drinks

www.riffsy.com for the infinite zoom
petrikainulainen.net for the popular badge
vyturelis.com group chat
we're hiring
my name is xxx
I work for xxx

We are currently hiring by
the way, if any of you wants
to …”
Lars Klint
Marco Cecconi
Stephen Haunts
Ben Hall
Scott Hanselman
Troy Hunt
Mike Taulty

plinthless speakers
more than just coffee, muffins and talks...
only 65% so far...
a typical day...
a learning experience...
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