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50 Ways to Say Goodbye

Michael Lukas 11/29/2012

Michael Lukas

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of 50 Ways to Say Goodbye

Literary Devices Literary Devices This song is literature because... This song contains; personification, hyperbole, metaphors, and imagery. Literary Devices I think this song explains how hard it is to lose someone, and how it's harder to talk about it. Significance of this song to me Support The theme of 50 Ways to Say Goodbye is about love, goodbyes, and death Theme Pat Monahan Train is a pop band from San Fransico, California that consists of three people; Patrick Monahan (Singer), Jimmy Stafford (Guitarist), and Scott Underwood (Drummer) Train Music Video Michael Lukas
11/29/2012 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
Train Personification & Imagery Metaphors and Hyperbole It's written like poem, it has a rhyme scheme and is full of stanzas. It contains a hook and explains a story from the narrator's point of view. The poet would be Pat Monahan, and the listener would have been the reader. The lyrics to the song are: Born February 28, 1969 Singer-Songwriter, musician, and actor. Grew up in Pennsylvania, youngest of 7 children, and his dad was also a songwriter. "Help me, help me, I'm no good at goodbyes!" "Help me, help me, I'm all out of lies
And ways to say you died" "You were my everything
Some day I'll find a love like yours" Imagery Personification Metaphors Hyperbole "I wanna live a thousand lives with you" Living a thousand lives is impossible "You were my everything" He is comparing her to everything in his life that he loved. "Got run over by a crappy purple Scion" Creates the image of an old, rundown, purple car made by Scion. "My heart is paralyzed"
"My head was oversized"
"My pride still feels the sting" He explains how his heart and head felt like they weren't working, and how his pride wasn't the same. "Danced to death at an east side night club" No one can literally "dance to death" Bibliography "Pat Monahan." Pat Monahan. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Nov. 2012. <http://www.patmonahan.net/2012/>. #yolo
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