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Evidence supporting why school uniforms take away our person

No description

nathan monk

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Evidence supporting why school uniforms take away our person

School Uniforms...NO!!!
Evidence supporting why school uniforms take away our personality
-Students do not feel they should look the same. It bores the children.
-Uniforms make it hard to express your fealings.
-Expression is good for childrens' development.
Evidence of why school uniforms take away our freedom of expression
-Uniforms make us look alike but we are seven billion different people and we have the right to express our selves.
-Clothing is one of the easiest ways to express yourself so why should uniforms take that away.
-Students will not get better because of what they wear.
Evidence of why school uniforms don't improve grades
-Studies show that students won't improve academically in a uniform, they will improve in a safe environment.
-Studies from the University of Houston say that uniforms have no affect academically.
-Uniforms are a distraction from academic improvement in school. [Tom Hodinan]
Evidence supporting why school uniforms won't stop bullying
-Students who face bullying will continue to get bullied even if they are dressed the same.
-Students will get bullied about their uniform if it doesn't fit or if they wear makeup.
- Students get made fun of by what they look like and act like.
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