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Women of Odyssey

No description

matt hodges

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Women of Odyssey

Athena:goddess of wisdom, skills, and warfare Calypso:sea goddess
who loved Odysseus Circe:enchantress who helped Odysseus Persephone:wife of Hades Sirens:creatures whose songs
lure sailors to their deaths Lampetia:nymph Penelope:Odysseus' wife "And now I pondered how to hurt him worst, if but Athena granted what I prayed for." "...I have been detained long by
Calypso,loveliest among goddesses." "...hale shipmate sent by the singing nymph with sunbright hair "Lampetia in her long gown meanwhile
had borne swift to the Overlord of
Noon:..." "....and make burnt offerings of flesh to the gods below-the sovereign Death, to pale Persephone." "...the two Sirens, noting our fast ship off
their point, made ready, and they sang:..." "You make my stiff heart know that I am yours." Women of the Odyssey "Lampetia in her long gown meanwhile had borne swift word to the Overlord of Noon:" Athena liked Odyssey, because of his tricks and cunning mind. Circe helped Odysseus by warning him about the dangers ahead. Penelope was Odysseus' driving force to return home! Lampetia told the sun god that Odysseus' men ate her cows. The Sirenes tried to get Odysseus to turn the ship toward their island.
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