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My fabulous amazing Prezi CV

This prezi is to reveal, who I really am...

Zoltán Siegl

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of My fabulous amazing Prezi CV

That's me... Done PHP for 13 years OOP CLI LAMP Daemons Administration Linux MySql Management and agile CTO in startup for 8 years Agile SCRUM Kanban w8 a 2nd! Thats my profile.
Thats not me... My profile See the big picture And look into some details... Dirty hiking boots? I like hiking,
and geocaching I have been playing the
drums in a Rock-Metal
band for 10+ years Drumsticks in packet? I also play a bit of guitar Hell yes! And I love my wife! Married? She's a dog fan too She's called Ági Ahamm. I love summer festivals. Whristbands under the shirt? That's in Germany Especially Wacken Open Air Is that a... ? Dog leash?
Amm. Yepp. He's a Labrador Retriever I love my dog, Torda An organisation against animal tortures I'm also a member of
Cerberos Állatvédőrség It's up to you guys now... Well... that's about it... Oh, and one more thing... Thanks Steve! HIRE ME!
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