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Copy of Symmetry Prezi

No description

Amber Smith

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Symmetry Prezi

What is it? Symmetry... What do you think of when you hear the word symmetry? Notice that the butterfly looks the same on the left side of the vertical line as is does on the right side. This line is known as the LINE OF SYMMETRY Ever look closely at the wings of a butterfly? The human face (Hopefully...) Let's look at another real life example of reflection symmetry... Here are a few more examples of images that have reflection symmetry Lets examine the images below. How many LINES OF SYMMETRY does each image have and where are they? What a symmetric couple ! Notice that there can be more than one LINE OF SYMMETRY! http://www.mathsisfun.com/definitions/symmetry.html Most people think of reflection symmetry when thinking of symmetry A butterfly has reflection symmetry! Symmetry: When one shape becomes exactly like another if you flip, slide or turn it. Ok....I think we understand Reflection Symmetry, so what other type of symmetry are we going to study? This short video clip may help you figure it out! Let's slow that down a little bit and look at a somewhat "cuter" version... Do you know the second type of symmetry yet? If you guessed ROTATIONAL SYMMETRY you are correct! Check this out... So... when we refer to something that has rotation symmetry, we must mention two things:

Order of rotation~ Number of times the image maps onto itself during a full 360 degree rotation.
Angle of rotation (180 or less)~ The minimum amount of degrees you must rotate a figure before it maps back onto itself. NOTE: If a figure has exactly 180 degree rotation symmetry, this is known as Point Symmetry. The letter H has Point symmetry! Here are a few more examples of figures with Rotation Symmetry Order: 3 Angle: 360/3= 120 degrees Order: 20 Angle: 360/20= 18 degrees Order: 4 Angle: 360/4= 90 degrees Order: 6 Angle: 360/6= 60 degrees Look Closely at the figures on this page...Do you think a figure can a figure have BOTH Reflection and Rotation Symmetry? Consider the figures below. Determine whether they have Reflection symmetry, Rotation Symmetry or both. Be prepared to provide all of the necessary info for the type(s) of symmetry you decide on. Rectangle Square What you need to do in order to get your homework sheet is to come up with four images/sketches for me.

1. A figure with only Reflection Symmetry
2. A figure with only Rotation Symmetry
3. A figure with BOTH types of Symmetry
4. A figure with NEITHER Symmetry Call me over to your desk when you are finished to get your work checked! (Do NOT copy images from today's lesson. Be Creative!)
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