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Create your own myth!

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Sarah Coon

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Create your own myth!

Create your own myth!
Mythological Writing!
The Requirements
Setting, Conflict, Climax & Resolution

Your mythological god needs a name, be creative!
The Requirements Pt. 2
"Miss, how long does it have to be?"
At least 4 paragraphs.

That includes:
2 Body paragraphs
Remember, this is a narrative, so it is fictional writing. You are not going to start your paper with: “Let me tell you...”
Materials Needed
We will be reading some examples of myths to help us remember what myths sound like.

You will be able to use the materials during the week for inspiration,
but that is all
. No copying from the examples.

Use the materials for
! Be creative!
It's due!
Friday, January 17th at 2:10 pm.
The Assignment
To create your own myth that explains a natural phenomenon (Think: lighting, earthquakes, hurricanes, rainbows, rain, thunder...etc)

In this myth you will need to invent a new mythological god and write about the reasons that your natural phenomenon happened!

Myth Writing
Elements of a good story:
Characters with names
Setting (Where does this take place?)
Conflict (What is happening that causes the nature event?)
Climax (What is your mythological god’s role in the nature event?)
Resolution (How was the conflict solved? What’s the bottom line?)
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