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Hero's journey- Mr.Incredible

the steps of the hero's journey following Mr. Incredible

kasey shontz

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Hero's journey- Mr.Incredible

From hero to zero (background) Mr. Incredible was a well known super hero until there was an accident and then he eventually went on to have kids and a boring office job. His little helpers (Mentor) Mirage and Edna By: Kasey Shontz
6th period
English 10 Steps of a Hero's Journey- Mr. Incredible message in a machine (call to adventure) Mirage sends Bob (Mr.Incredible) an electronic device containing a message. Umm no. I won't go (refusal of the call) Bob doesn't want to go because of his family and reluctant about being a hero again. The new world(Crossing the threshold) Mirage sends jet and Bob fights robot. Its a wonderful life(Belly of the whale) Bob is treated with much more respect and is getting along better with family The obstacles(Trials) Bob has to fight a stronger robot and meets the creator The hard life of a hero(Shadows and temptations) Syndrome and trying to fit in Heroic battle Omnidroid starts destroying Metroville and Bob gets the remote. victory is his(Ultimate boon) Defeats Syndrome and heroes are welcome again. I'm coming home Bob an his family re-adjust to normal life but are now super heroes. Lesson for humanity It's good to be different and family is very important Sources cited The Incredibles, Dir. Brad Bird, Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter,Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Pixar, November 5, 2004
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