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Prezibase Designs

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of 2

Fundraising Event Management
with Michelle French
Successfully Utilizing a Committee
Thank you
Passive Committees
Highly Engaged Committees
Committee Roles
Committee Member: The Worker Bee
1. Evaluated by: what tasks they can accomplish
Committee Member: Skilled
1. Evaluated by: what professional skills they can apply to your event

Auction Committee Member: The Connector

1. Evaluated by: results they produce

Formation of the Committee
Draft a Committee Commitment Letter
Commitment Letter
Formation of the Committee
Host First Meeting

Task Force Assigning Roles
Formation of the Committee
1. Draft a Committee Commitment Letter
A Tale of Two Committees
Committee Meetings
High Level Meeting
Tips for Managing Committee Deliverables
Sub-Committee Structure
Tips for Managing Committee Member Personalities
If Someone takes the floor, or has an “agenda”
Tips for Managing Committee Member Personalities
Celebrate Success
Financial Goal Review
Task List
Area Reviews
Ability to be Flexible
Clear Focus
Written Agenda
Strong Committee Chair
Level 10 Meeting
Willing to walk into establishments to ask for a donation
Not afraid to ask for participation
Driven for your cause
Hard worker
2. Characteristics:
Can work with deadlines
Driven for your cause
Detail Oriented
2. Characteristics:
Is not afraid to ask on behalf of your organization
Well connected in your community
Aggressive / Outgoing
Influential business person
Has a wealthy group of friends
2. Characteristics:
Encourage Sub-Committee Meetings
Assign Roles and Sub-Committee Sign Up
Attendance / Ticket Sales
Overall Fundraising
Review the Financial Goals
3. Financial Goals
Encourage Sub-Committee Meetings
Assign Roles and Sub-Committee Sign Up
2. Host First Meeting
Formation of the Committee
Leadership = Successful Committee
Communicate with the Sub-Committees
Remind them WHY
Hold them accountable
Why Use A Commitment Letter
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