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Introduction to Catalan Culture

16th October 2014

Marina Massaguer Comes

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Catalan Culture


Where is Catalan spoken?
Who speaks Catalan?
Some Catalan speakers...
A glance to the history
8-11th centuries: Birth of the country and formation of the language
12-15th centuries: Catalan expansion through the Mediterranean
16-18th centuries: Loss of national freedoms and imposition of Spanish as the official language. Catalan remains as the popular language
19th century: Rise of national, cultural and linguistic feeling of identity (Renaixença)
1900-1939: Standardisation, recovery of Catalan public uses and new literary development
1939-1975: Persecution by Francoism. Catalan culture remains in the exile and in the clandestineness
1975-...: Democracy. Catalonia has its own government and language policy
Catalan is present in...
Education at all levels
Mass media
Catalan, language of social cohesion
“The Catalan language is a
pivotal element of the formation and personality of Catalonia
, a basic instrument for communication, integration and the
social cohesion of citizens, regardless of where they are from
, and the privileged bond of Catalonia with other Catalan-speaking lands, with which it forms a language community which has made, over the centuries, and with an original voice, a valuable contribution to universal culture. Moreover, it has borne witness of to the loyalty of the Catalan people to their own land and own culture.”
Law 1/1998, of January 7, on linguistic policy (Foreword)
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