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Sydney & Mollie

No description

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Sydney & Mollie

Sydney & Mollie
Bethany Hamilton
Bethany is a professional surfer. Shes been surfing her whole life , but there is something very unique about her . When Bethany was 13 years old she was attacked by a 14 foot tiger shark. In result , she lost her left arm . You would think this would end her surfing career , but that would be COMPLETELY wrong!! She is still one amazing , championship wining surfer!!!!!!
Wilma Rudolph
Wilma Rudolph is a Track Star.Wilmas story inspires people around the world because she had to fight a really tough battle to become what she is now.She was born prematuraly.The docters doubted that she would survive.Wilma developed polio and pneumonia as a child.When Wilma was 8 years old she her sister made the track team but Wilma didn't make it.Wilmas father talked the coach into letting her join and he said YES!!When wilma joined the track team she learned to overcome her disorder and she became the BEST on her team!!!
Michael Oher
Simon Keith
James Cleveland Owens
Tom Dempsey
Tom is someone who overcame a life challenge.Tom was born without toes on his right foot,but this didnt stop him.Tom is a N.F.L player.in November 1970 Tom set the league record for the longest feild goal in a regular season game.As you can see Tom is a very strong person.
Michael Oher is a famous football player who went though some really tough things to get where he is now.Michael came from a broken home.Michael was in high school when his father was murdered and his mither was addicted to crack cocain.Michaels mother wasn't able to provide help to her kids because if it.School was very tough for Michael because he had to go to 7 different schools in his first 11 year of school,he had to repeat 1st and 2nd grade.He was homeless numerous times befor he became a football player for the Baltomor Ravens!!!!!!!!
Simon Keith is a Pro Athlete Soccer Player that had to overcome something really hard problem.When Keith was a scout his coach said that he had to have a heart transplant.The greatest danger for someone is a heart transplant , but Keith never gave up.Keith was the first to go play pro sport after the surgery.Keith was still the most healthy and fit on his team after the surgery.
James Clevelend was always diffrent from other children which led him where he is now.James was very frail as a kid.When James was in the 5th grade he was asked to join the track team.From a skinny and frail boy he was now developing into a very strong runner.In junior high he set thr record for the 100-yard dash.In high school in 1933 he won the 100 and 200 yard dash and the and the board jump in the Championships.
Bethany Hamilton
Tom Dempsey
N.F.L kicker
pro surfer
pro athletes
lost right arm
born without toes on right foot
both had barriers
both overcame barriers
Anger issues
very nice to everyone
Micheal Oher
Wilma Rudolph
famous football player
track star
homeless numerous times
developed a disease as a child
no father
On school track team
over came huge barriers
James Owens
Simon Keith
soccer player
track star
was a frail kid
heart transplant
overcame barriers
pro athletes
Its not just a game!
opinions with evidence
"sports come in many different shapes and sizes . Both have advantages and disadvantages"
Being part of a team , means putting the team before your own accomplishments
Must learn to get along with teammates
Share responsibility
sources of inspiration
joined track team at young age
most healthy soccer player on his team.
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