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Z Paperless Classroom-- Baylor

No description

Corydon Baylor

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Z Paperless Classroom-- Baylor

Paperless Positives
Getting Started
Google Drive
Google Docs
Internet service
Laptop or desktop availability
Getting organized
Creating folders on Google Drive
Naming folder
Sharing Folders
Go to the folder you created – “First Period View Only”

This is the starting point of organizing folders for each class.

Sharing Folders cont.
Click on share
Add student e-mail accounts
Enter the e-mail account of each student in that class period
Adding class rosters
Emails may be taken from various sources:

Electronic directories
Class rosters
Student information systems
Entered manually
Entering emails
Copy emails of entire class

Paste emails into “add people” dialogue box

Make sure to change the editing option to "Can view"

Click "Done" after you have added the entire class roster
Copy emails of entire class.
Paste emails into “add people” dialogue box
Shared Folders
The shared folder will look like this:
Create a shared folder for each class

Review for tests
Organization of work
Clarity of writing
Returning work
No Xerox Machine
Grading Essays
Organization of student's work
Search by assignment
Search by class
Grading Essays
Grading Tests and Quizzes
Grading Tests and Quizzes
Teacher and Student Editing
Student Editing
Student and Class Organization
Organization by Student Name
Open (double click) period folder
Create document to place in project folder

* Create document in your unshared folder first

Then share it with common classes (8th Grade English for ex.) as you want each class to view the document. (First period, etc.)
Creating project folders:
folders within class folders
*Once documents are created or dragged into project folder, they are immediately shared with all those with access to that particular folder
Share quizzes and tests by class period
Students taking tests and re-sharing finished work
Student must make a copy of document
Students must rename document
Students should share renamed document BEFORE starting test.
Paperless Negatives

Time intensive
Tech dependent
Converting handouts
Honor issues?
Warming up to a laptop?
Ease of Grading
Student editing
Revision History
Revision History of Student's Work
on Mac = CMD-OPT-M
Google Classroom/Custom Organization/

Both offer seamless sharing and retrieval of student work.
Paperless Classroom

Corydon Baylor

St. Christopher's School


Making the leap from paper to paperless
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