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Using IT in Kindergarten

The use of multimedia in kindergarten allows students to explore learning in a whole new dimension.

andre jay

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of Using IT in Kindergarten

Having fun using technology
Using a
slide show
Power points
Garage band
Mac applications
Web based
pod casting
Powerpoints are a great way to get students publishing their work and ideas. They are then able to use their presentation to show what they have learnt. Using powerpoints allows the opportunity for students to develop their oral language skills when presenting.
Students can compose their own music and develop different tunes that they can modify and play with. They can share their music with others and begin to work on pieces of music that take time to create. Working in peers and groups allows the collaborative process to flourish.
Using video
Using digital images and video
assist students to remember activities that they were
involved in. It allows them to participate freely in conversations.
Digital images
students can not only access the use of pictures
but become experts in the use of digital photography.
If you give a child a digital camera and let them explore the
use of it themselves, you will be amazed at what they
An online journal to share experiences is a great
way for students to look at previous learning
experiences. Gives them a chance to reflect and
also a way for others to view their learning.

A wiki is a tool that our school uses to keep in touch with parents and share information about the class, school and community.

A way to publish video with your stduents. Once students
have the basic knowledge of the programme they can begin
constructing simple movies that they can share with the class
and their peers.
Podcasting is a great way to improve the students
oral language skills. It allows them to practice sentences
they are going to say, then be able to hear these and
reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. These can also
be shared with other classes anywhere.
Slide shows are an easy and fun way to present photos. Students
are able to view past experiences to motivate them to speak, write and discuss the events that have happened. They can interact with the each slide as it plays.
In the next 45 mins I will be sharing examples of student work
using different types of programmes.
We will look at the use of:
-mac applications
-web based
Children love using new technology and in our
age it is great to expose students to as many different
technologies as you can
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