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The Fault In Our Stars

No description

Erika Padgette

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In our Stars Plot
Go to support group
meet Augustus meet Augustus waters; on Hazel`s way to a cancedr support group she runs into Augustus Waters. the two have an immediate connection. All through out the support group the two are makin faces at each other and have a mini conversation with no words. At the end they talk to each other and form a friendship.
Hazel gets Gus to read An Imperial Affliction
They start emailing Peter Van Houten
Gus arranges for him and Hazel to fly to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten
Fly to Amsterdam
Meet Van Houten to find out his a rude person
Gus tells Hazel his cancer is back; on a bench in Amsterdam Agustus tells Hazel that he had been having pain in his side. When he went to make sure everything was okay, his CT scan lit up like a light bulb. He had cancer all over him and there was nothing that coulb be done to help him. Hazel starts to cry because she does not want to lose him.
Go home
Gus keeps getting worse everyday
Augustus Waters dies
Hazel reads the letter Augustus wrote her
The Fault In Our Stars
, a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster is one of the Protagonist. Hazel Grace Lancaster is a teenage girl who has been dealing with Stage 4 Thyroid cancer with metastasis forming in her lungs since she was a child. This forces Hazel to always have an oxygen with her and to be with drawn from other people. In the beginning of the book, Hazel`s mother forces her to go to a support group. On her way there she meets Augustus Waters or Gus. This sparks a whole bunch of series of events that is
The Fault In Our Stars
. All through out the book Hazel is amazed by Augustus and eventually falls in love with him despite all of her problems;however, Hazel has cancer which can interfere with her love.
In T
he Fault In our Stars
, one of the antagonist are Peter Van Houten . To explain, Peter Van Houten is the author of Gus and Hazels`s favorite book
An Imperial Affliction
. In The Fault In Our Starts, Hazel and Gus start emailing Peter Van Houten which leads them to meet Peter at his home in Amsterdam in order talk to him about his book and the unclear ending. When they meet him, he turns out to be a drunk and refuses to talk about his book and avoids questions about it. Peter Van Houten wishes that they would of never shown up. This causes Hazel and Gus to resent Peter and all that he is. Not only is Peter an antagonist, cancer is too. To illustrate, the whole book is based around the idea of the main characters having cancer. As most people know, cancer is one of the highest killing diseases in the world. All the hardships that come with cancer is what brings the couple together and eventually tares them apart. It is because of cancer that Hazel has so much pain and suffering in her life.
John Green
Born August 27,1977, John Green is the best selling author of
The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns
. He has won many awards for his books. An example would be the Printz Award. Also, while doing YouTube vidoes with his brother, Hank Green, they created a group called nerdfighters. These people try to help poverty, education, ect. Recently, John Green and his brother contiune these videos as the volgbrothers while John turned
The Fault In Our Stars
into a major motion picture.
The setting takes place in modern day Indianapolis, Indiana. In the unnamed suburban town, Hazel and Augustus reside. I picture Augustus having a big house with a basement. I illustrate Hazel having a two story house with no basement. There is a church in the town where the cancer support group meets at. It is your typical American suburb. Here most of the events in the story take place. The setting does change to Amsterdam during the book. In Amsterdam,Hazel and Gus stay at a hotel over looking a canal and a beautiful view. They do go see Peter Van Houten and his home. His home is clutered and messing with fan mail. It is a dark place with a large liquor collection. Because of Van Houten`s attitude, Hazel and gus go to the Anne Frank house and see where she hide for so long. It is in Amsterdam that pivotal events take place.
The Fault In Our Stars
By: John Green

John Green
John and Hank green
Augustus Waters or Gus is another protagonist in
The Fault In Our Stars
. Augustus Waters is a teenage boy who had Osteosarcoma which has taken half of one of his legs. Because of his friend Issac, he goes to a support group and meets Hazel Grace who he instantly has an attraction to. During the story he is chasing her until she falls in love with him which she does. Hazel and Augustus share a love for a book called an Imperial Affliction. It is because of this book and their love for each other that drives the book forward.
Hazel and Augustus
Augustus Waters
Hazel Grace Lancaster
Peter Van Houten
Hazel finds out Gus has cancer again
Hazel and Augustus meet
Dynamic Character
Hazel Grace Lancaster is a dynamic character. Hazel is a dynamic character because she changes through out the book which is what a dynamic character does. To explain, in the beginning of The Fault In Our Stars, her attitude is very close-minded. Hazel is not open to trying new things. In fact, her mom thinks she may be getting depressed, which is common among cancer patients, because Hazel always has her head in An Imperial Affliction and does not eat much;however, Hazel claims that she is not deprssed. One day Hazel`s mom forces her to go to a cancer support group meeting.In doing so, Hazel meets Augustus waters. with Gus`s help Hazel changes from the close-minded girl to someone who is willing try to new things. For example, without Gus`s help, Hazel would of never allowed herself to love somebody. In the book, Hazel states," I`m a grenade and at some point I`m going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties." This means that Hazel Grace Lancaster is not allowing herself to love somebody because she is afraid to hurt a person`s feeling;however, in the end she does fall for Augustus Waters without even wanting to showing the effect he has on her.
Diction is how the author chooses to phrase words and write. John Green most definitely likes to use diction. For example, when john Green makes Hazel say,"I`m a grenade and at some point I`m going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties", a person can visually see what he is saying. Furthermore,“All at once, I could not figure out why I was methodically tossing a spherical object through a toroidal object. It seemed like the stupidest thing I could possibly be doing," is something that Augustus waters deals with his leg amputation and the fact that he can no longer be the basketball star that he once was. By writing down these words we get an insite into the way Gus deals with his cancer. Most of the words John Green makes his characters write give you an invite into the characters mind, the way they think, and have a double meaning. John chooses his words carefully in order to seem more intelligent and philosophical. Even the title has a deeper meaning. The title comes from Shakespeare's play in Julius Caesar where Caesar says, "The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings." The title
The Fault In Out Stars
counters the word of Shakespeare. By using the words that John Green does in T
he Fault In Our Stars
, the story becomes more powerful and captivates the reader. The book is about two teenagers and there fight with cancer. Without all of the diction, the story would be sugar coated or not what the story is meant to be. The diction provides a way to know how a the characters think about their disease without making it all pretty thereby making the story move forward.
The Fault In Our Stars
is about two characters named Augustus and Hazel. Both of the characters talk very philosophical. Logically teenagers would not talk as a philosophy professor would. If someone is a big fan of logic this fact can be a turn off. Furthermore, the language and some of the scenes is not meant for a younger audience. If a person is against that type of behavior,
The Fault In Our Stars
is not for them.
The story describes what it is like to feel pain, be in love, and deal with hardships. These are positives because teenagers need to know about these things and that they are not alone in the problems that they have. Th Fault In Our Stars provides an outlet for teenagers let go and relax while dealing with stresses and the problems of everyday life. By being able to relate this way John Green`s book becomes unique from any other. Most books do not face reality head on making it a positive.
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