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Medicine & Illegal Drugs

No description

Alyson Kastner

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Medicine & Illegal Drugs

Medicine & Illegal Drugs
What Are Drugs?
What is a Drug?
A drug is any chemical substance that causes a change in a person's physical and psychological state.
YOU should only take drugs to treat an illness or a disorder.
How Drugs Enter Your Body
Drugs, regardless of where they are taken, will most likely end up in your blood stream.
Why do you think the presence of drugs in the bloodstream is so important?
Using Drugs as Medicine
Prescription Medicine
Medicine is any drug that is used to cure, prevent, or treat illness or discomfort.
Using medicine is always safer under a doctor's care!!
A prescription is a written order from a doctor for a certain medicine or treatment.
Medicine that can be bought only with a written order from a doctor is called prescription medicine.
Over-the-counter Medicine
Medicines that can be bought without a prescription is called over-the-counter medicine.
what are some over-the-counter medicines that you know of?
Drug Interactions
Remember that some times the effect of a drug can be different from expected if the drug is taken at the same time.
This unexpected effect is called drug interaction.
Always be careful when taking more than one drug!!
Side Effects and Drug Allergies
A side effect is any effect that is caused by a drug and that is different from the drug's intended effect.
A bad reaction to a medicine that cause little or no side effects in most people is called a
drug allergy.
When you take medicine for a long time, its effects can become weaker.
Tolerance is the body's ability to resist the effects of a drug.
Someone may overdose on a drug due to the fact that they feel they have to take more for it to have the same effect.
The Food & Drug Administration
Before a drug can be sold as a medicine in the United States, it has to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
The FDA is a government agency that controls the safety of food and drugs in the United States.
Drug Abuse and Addiction
Drug Addiction
drug addiction: is the uncontrollable use of a drug
the path to drug addiction usually starts with drug abuse
A person addicted to a drug is dependent on that drug
They are both physically and psychologically dependent on the drug
Physical Dependence
physical dependence is the body's chemical need for a drug
A person who is addicted to a drug, may experience withdrawal when they stop taking that drug
Symptoms can include anxiety, fever, cramps, nausea, trembling, and seizures.
Psychological Dependence
psychological dependence is a person's emotional or mental need for a drug.
A person who is psychologically dependent has a strong craving for the drug
Rely on drugs to control or escape their emotions
Drugs: marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy
Drugs: Heroin, alcohol, and tobacco
Drug Addiction and Relationships
People who use drugs are not only hurting themselves but others.
Family and friends are usually affected the most
Drug addiction and the behavior that goes with it can cause a person to destroy friendships, and lose the respect of his friends or family.
School Problems
a person who is addicted to drugs may have difficulty focusing on anything other than drugs.
struggles at school, because they pay less and less attention
often leads to poor performance and consequences
problems at school also result in difficulty getting into college and getting a job after graduation
The Cost of Drug Addiction
Some addicts spend hundreds of dollars on drugs daily just to feel normal
Those who are addicted have a hard time keeping a job and thus turn to stealing to continue to afford drugs.
Stimulants and Depressants
A drug that increases the body's activity
the effects of a stimulant make you feel more awake and alert
in extreme cases, stimulants can cause heart attacks
Drugs: caffeine, cocaine, crack cocaine, and meth
Cocaine and Crack Cocaine
the most widely abused illegal stimulant
Cocaine: a powerful stimulant that is produced by the coca plant
fine white powder
inhaled through the nose
Crack Cocaine: is cocaine that has been altered into a form that can be smoked
often called "rock"
more intense
Can cause depression and illness, incredibly addictive!
Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug, produced in a laboratory.
commonly known as meth, crystal, or crystal meth
appears as a yellowish "rock"
usually smoked, injected, or even inhaled
extremely addictive
can cause permanent kidney and liver damage
A drug that decreases activity in the body
cause your heart rate to drop and breathing to slow down
include tranquilizers, barbiturates, and hypnotics
depressants can be very addictive
an extremely powerful hypnotic depressant
originally used during surgery and sleep disorders
known as "roach", "roofies", or "rope"
the effects last up to 8 hours
users experience blackout, which is the inability to remember anything that happened
because it causes blackouts, some people use this drug to perform sexual assaults
Marijuana may be the most popular drug of abuse
its the dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant
known as grass, weed, pot, dope, Mary Jane, green, bud, and reefer
can cause a wide range of effects, from stimulant to depressant
most marijuana is smoked but can be eaten when mixed with food
The Long-Term Effects of Marijuana
Marijuana often decreases a person's ability to think and concentrate
decreases energy and the desire to perform tasks
because it is smoked, it can cause the same effects to that of cigarettes can
What are Opiates?
Any drug that is produced from the milk of the opium poppy
Opiates are Addictive
are extremely addictive because of the strong high they produce
Opiates can be build a strong tolerance
Withdrawals are so painful that many will use the drug again to stop the pain
Prescription Opiates
The most commonly use opiate can be bought with a prescription
all opiate drugs have painkilling properties
unfortunately even medical opiates can be abused
The most powerful and addictive opiate that exists
Heroin is a drug that is made from morphine
Morphine is one of the chemical substances in the milk of the opium poppy
the most popular way to take heroin is through injection
Hallucinogens and Inhalants
A hallucinogen is any drug that causes a person to hallucinate.
To hallucinate is to see or hear things that are not actually present
the effects of a dose of a hallucinogen are often referred to as a "trip"
Can last from minutes to days!!
A flashback is an event in which a hallucinogen's effects happen again long after the drug was originally taken
Flashbacks may occur days, weeks or even years after the drug was taken
Flashbacks can happen at any time and can be a strong as the drug's original effect
An inhalant is any drug that is inhaled and absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs
Common inhalants: household cleaners, spray paint, and some glues
Other inhalants are gases such as freon and nitrous oxide (laughing gas or whip-its)
Inhalants produce very short, intense effects that may last no longer than a minute or two
Inhalants Cont.
Effects of inhalants include hallucination, lack of coordination, distortion of time and distance, and difficult speaking or thinking.
Use of inhalants are extremely dangerous, because inhalants replace the oxygen flowing to your brain with another chemical.
Designer Drug
Designer Drug
A designer drug is a drug that is produced by making a small chemical change to a drug that already exist
a designer drug has many of the same effects as its parent, however it may have many unpredictable effects all its own
some designer drugs' effects are unknown, while some are known.
One of the most popular designer drugs
Ecstasy is the common name given to the chemical MDMA.
Also known by X, Adam, XTC, or E
Ecstasy is normally taken as a pill but can be crushed and snorted
Ecstasy Cont.
the effects of Ecstasy include an increased sensitivity to touch, hallucinations, tingling in the skin, and increased energy.
These effects generally last for 4 to 6 hours
Side effects include dry mouth, nausea, confusion, blurred vision, muscle tension, and dehydration
Can lead to seizures, heart failure and death
a drug that is made from the anesthetic GBL, common ingredient in pesticides.
GHB is also known as G, Gamma-oh, Liquid X, Georgia Home Boy, and Fantasy.
The effects of GHB include increased energy, euphoria, muscle relaxation, and increased sensitivity to touch
Most people loss consciousness when taking GHB, it's also known as "scooping out" or "carpeting out" which can last for several hours
People who carpet out on GHB never wake up.
a powerful drug that is closely related to the hallucinogen PCP
Used on people or animals during surgery
Street Names include: Special K, Kit Kat, or Vitamin K
Users experience a sense of dissociation (separation of reality), hallucinations, numbness, and inability to move, and loss of memory.
Because people can not feel pain, many users hurt themselves while on Ketamine.
Staying Drug Free
Reasons to Stay Drug Free
Staying Healthy: drugs can cause health problems, such as lack of energy, cancer, and even death.
Staying in Control: drugs affect the way you behave. Individuals who become addicted lose control of the way they act.
Making Good Decisions: using drugs impairs your judgement. Decisions made while on drugs may not be the same as the decisions made while not on drugs.
Staying Out of Jail: if you are caught using illegal drugs, you could be sent to jail.
Saving Your Money!!
Refusing Drugs
Saying No can be difficult, but it is the right choice!
Developing skills in order to say no is important and will help you when times get tough!!
Sometimes saying no is not enough, in that case you have to have a reason!!
The best way to say no to drugs is to avoid the situation all together!
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