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sheina patel

on 6 April 2011

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The Wednesday Wars By Gary D. Schmidt -Holling Hoodhood-is the main character, presbyterian
-Doug Swieteck- one of Holling's classmates, made a book
on how to make a teacher hate you.
-Meryl Lee Kowalski-a girl in Holling's class who has a crush on him
- Mrs.Baker- Holling's teacher who teaches him shakespear
-Sycorax and Caliban-two class pets who are rats that escape out of
their cage. SETTING
This book takes place
at Holling Hoodhood's
school, Camillo Jr. High.
Also, in Mrs.Baker's class room
usually on Wednesdays. CONFLICT MAIN CHARACTERS The conflict of this story is
very interesting. It is about a boy
named Holling Hoodhood who
believes that his teacher hates his guts. His teacher Mrs.Baker makes
him clean closets and pet cages.
Holling wants to complain to his dad badly but his teacher is a part
of his dad's business. In this case,
he cannot complain. So he keeps
his feelings to himself as the year goes by. This is a man v.s. man conflict. SUMMARY This book is about how Holling is alone in class every Wednesday afternoon because all his classmates go to Hebrew school or Catechism. So Holling stays in Mrs.Baker's classroom,where both the teacher and Holling read the plays of Shakepeare, and he learns a lot of values of life. SHEINA PATEL GENRE The genre of this book is historical fiction
because the vietnam war was going on. Also, because the classes had coat rooms unlike today. Theme The theme of this story
is that every one can change for
the better. While reading the story
I noticed that Holling and Mrs. Baker changed.
They started showing respect for each other,
and helped each other. OPINION OF BOOK I believe this book is amazing.
I love how in the begining of
the book Holling is is having the worse time of his life and then his school year is turning into the best thing ever. MOVIE I would like this book to become a movie because
everyone who has read the book would like to see
it. Also, because the movie would be a comedy and
would make people laugh there heads off. In addition,
I believe that the actors would have the potential to make the movie great. Dynamic character An example of a dynamic character in the book is Holling. In the begining of the book Holling has a bad relationship with his sister. As the book goes along their relationship gets better and better. static character One of the static characters is Holling's
dad because he never changed. In the
begining of the book Holling's dad was
always selfish. All he cared about was his
business. Also, he never cared how his son felt about Mrs.Baker. THE END HOPE YOU ENJOYED
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