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NASA 1990's

Astronomy Project. March-12

Christine Jacobsen

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of NASA 1990's

NASA 1990's The internet connected people like never before! William Jefferson Clinton, president 1993-2001 1998- The construction of The International Space Station began. Britney Spears & Backstreet Boys
became popular. Hubbel Space Telescope Was launched in April, 1990. has contributed more to changing our understanding of the Universe than any other scientific instrument. Pegasus! Pegasus has flown 40 missions between 1990 and 2008,
succeded 35 of the 40 missions. Pegasus is a winged space launch vehicle capable
of carrying small, unmanned payloads. Mars Pathfinder Was Launched on December 4,
1996 by NASA. It landed a base station
with a roving
probe on Mars in 1997. Cassini–Huygens It launched in 1997.
It is a joint NASA/ESA/ASI spacecraft and it's mission is to study the planet Saturn and its many natural satellites. It arrived at Saturn in 2004. It includes a Saturn orbiter and
an atmospheric probe/lander for the moon Titan. 1995: Dr. Michael DeBakey of the Baylor College of Medicine teamed up with Johnson Space Center engineer David Saucier to develop an artificial heart pump. It was based on the design of NASA’s space shuttle main engine fuel pumps. It supplements the heart’s pumping capacity in the left ventricle. Later, a team at Ames Research Center modeled the blood flow, and improved the design to avoid harm to blood cells. Wireless Telephones were one of the most important inventions in the 1990’s. STS-39 was the twelfth mission of the Space Shuttle Discovery. STS-39 The primary purpose of the mission was to conduct a variety of payload experiments for the Department of Defense. launch occurred at 28 April 1991. The commander was Michael L. Coats, STS-39 was his
Third spaceflight. STS-39 was the first unclassified Department of Defense (DoD)-dedicated Space Shuttle mission. There had previously been seven Shuttle missions dedicated to the DoD, but those were considered classified and information about the operation or success of the payloads or experiments was not released. Made by: Christine Jacobsen
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