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Copy of My role OGX GCDP

No description

magdalina petsa

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of My role OGX GCDP

Transition January LCVP OGX GCDP
My Role The main Role of the Executive Board of the LC is to ensure LC numerical and quality growth in results, members with whole AIESEC experience and leadership development. My profile Outgoing exchange growth with
High quality of outgoing internships.
Understanding of the exchange realities internationally in order to effectively manage supply and demand.
Responsible for the definition and implementation of strategies in order to reach the planned goals in Outgoing Exchange of the LC. Role of a VP exchange Internal & External exchange promotion Responsibilities as VP exchange •Enter and audit JD Forms, aligned with market research.
•Manage acceptance procedures.
•Manage matching and realization processes.
•Responsible for EP preparation and expectations setting.
•Responsible for Outgoing Preparation Seminars
•Matching mania management.
•Implement the measurement system for EPs.
•Keep virtual communication and support EPs while in their Internship . Exchange Processes Management •OGX Supply and Demand management.
•OGX Goal Setting, tracking and evaluation.
•EP delivery management on each process (sign JQ, matching, internship preparation, realization, virtual communication).
•Leverage on trends by building OGX growth strategies.
•Creation of LC to LC co operations. OGX Strategy Development, Planning and Tracking •Manage, develop and coach the members of the OGX teams and projects.
•Educate members on OGX knowledge and processes.
•Plan, coordinate and track the work of the OGX team.
• Support OGX Project Managers/TLs on planning process.
• Educate OGX teams on the purpose and operation. Coaching and Education Segmentation of students market
Promotion of International Internships Program and specific opportunities to selected departments of the university
Promotion of International Internships Program and specific opportunities to LC members
Responsible for informing all potential EPs about AIESEC and the International Internship Program THANKS Stakeholders Analysis Internal EB
AIESEC Countries
MC coacher External Students
University services
Other organizations The golden rule research segmentation targeting positioning marketing implementation control Synergies VP COMM VP TM VP ICX VP ER VP F Planning You are called to plan the performance of your sector for the whole term. TIPS results from market research
history and evaluate the previous term
University and local reality
your personal vision Timeline Spring peak Summer peak Ra:May-Jun
Re:Jun-Jul-Aug Winter peak Ra:Sep-Oct-Nov Ma: Oct-Nov-Dec 1/2 Re: Dec-Jan-Feb Ra: Dec-Jan-Feb Ma: Feb-Mar-Apr Re:Apr-May-Jun
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