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Rizal Report

Bianca Bulanon

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Inventions

GRP. 4 INVENTIONS FEBRUARY 2013 SALES PRESENTATION Invention (n.) is the first occurrence of an idea for a new product. Innovation (n.) is the first attempt to carry it out into practice. to simplify... New knowledge Creation of something new Invention New process Transformation
of an idea into useful applications Innovation (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr INVENTIONS IN DIFFERENT FIELDS... MAN BEHIND THE APPLE: STEVE JOBS EDUARDO SAN JUAN
"THE SPACE JUNKMAN" JOSE RIZAL AS AN INVENTOR... OTHER LATEST INVENTIONS.... Invention & Innovation 4 The inventor of Moon Buggy is Eduardo San Juan. He is a Filipino and he is a graduate of Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT). The Moon Buggy was the car used by Neil Armstrong and other astronauts when they first explored the moon in 1969. He
constructed his model using homemade materials. In 1978, San Juan received one of the Ten Outstanding Men (TOM) awards in science and technology. San Juan, however, was not listed as the inventor of the Moon Buggy in American scientific journals. It said the vehicle was designed and constructed by a group of space engineers. In Poland, the Moon Buggy is attributed to a Polish inventor. Worse, the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) does not recognize San Juan in its roster of outstanding Filipino scientists.
Rizal invented a cigarette lighter, which he called sulpakan, and sent it to Professor Ferdinand Blumentritt in 1887 as a gift. The lighter used a compressed air mechanism. 3D CAMCORDER
With the world beginning
to get to terms with
HD equipment, it is only
fitting that the worlds first 3D enabled pocket camcorder has been launched. Courtesy of DGX, no glasses are required to appreciate the 3D imagery, utilizing the 3.2-inch LCD camcorder display, on the included 3D 7-inch media player. USB CUP WARMER
With so much to see on the
internet these days, it's a wonder
we find time to eat and sleep –
let alone finish our cup. So for all those who are equally hard at work, we’ve found the USB Cup Warmer. While in Dapitan, Rizal also invented a wooden machine for making bricks which turned out about 6,000 bricks daily. SULPAKAN According to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), Rizal created the fortune-telling board came while he was in Dapitan.
The game had a cover showing an image of an old woman, presumably "Sibilia" a prophetes in Greek legend and literature.
This invention still holds some myteries. La Sibila Cumana Dr. José Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonzo Y Realonda was not only a hero, patriot, physician, poet, novelist, traveler, magician, and etc., he was also an inventor.
He invented several things during his time in Dapitan. INVENTORS Communication Medicine Luvaglio 
These laptops are built to order only,
and the buyer is given the option
to choose the specifications and the
design of the laptop and also which
material to be used for making the body.
The hardware and software is upgradable.
It features a 128 GB hard drive,
Mp3 player, embedded USB stick and automatic
display cleaning system, among other things. Two Ultra Personal Rapid Transit vehicles can be
observed at London Science Museum Passengers taking
the PRT vehicles will need to come to one of the three
stations and as they board Ultra they are asked to
select their destination on the touch screen. After that
vehicles take passengers straight to the chosen
destination without stopping at any other location.
Thus the latest invention from Advanced Transport
Systems will provide a quicker and eco-friendlier
transportation.  Completely Integrated Anesthesia System with Touch screen Ventilator
The Integra AV-S Anesthesia System is perfect for larger surgery suites that may be using more than one type of anesthetic agent or benefit from ultra low flow anesthesia output. The AV-S offers a low ownership cost over a ten year life cycle and provides a smart alternative to refurbished machines. Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs was an American businessman, designer and inventor. He is best known as the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Dr. Jose Rizal Inventor & Hero PRESENTED BY:
FORTUNA An invention is something such as a device or process that has been created or made up, or the process of creating or making up something or figuring out a way to do something. What is Invention? HOW DOES INVENTION INFLUENCED THE SOCIETY? Our world has experienced many changes within the last century, and three of the most influential changes are the inventions in the fields of communication, transportation, and medicine. Several improvements in communication give us convenience, speed, and greater connection to one another. Cellphones, computers, telephones, and televisions are just some of the inventions in the field of communication. Transportation All transportation depends on invention. Transportation is not just technology—it’s a system of technology, people, energy, money, and more—but advances in technology play a key role in shaping transportation systems, which in turn help to shape our lives, landscapes, and culture. Medicine Scientists have also invented different machines to help the doctors and nurses in treating their patients efficiently. Not only it treats the people but it can help the person to prevent illness and stay fit. Medicinal drugs are just one of the most common invention people use today. iPod, October 2001 iPod minis, 2004 iPhone SDK, March 2008. The future Apple spaceship campus "Necessity is the mother of invention"

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