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Recruitment Videos

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angela nwaosuagwu

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Recruitment Videos

Theoretical Frames
A Rhetorical Analysis of Recruitment Videos:
"Work Here For the Culture"
Organizational Culture Theory
*Cultural Performances
Findings & Implications
Employer/ Recruiter/ Organization:

* variability of an audience to Select in or Self-select out


Ritual Talk
* Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner catered every day.

Passion ( Employee Testimonials)

* "Man this is a sweet job. But working at Twitter isn't just a sweet job. It's a way of life. A way of life that's like a sweet job”. – Navigator/Narrator

* “I like working here…”-Real Engineer



Dynamic workplace
Friends for Life
“Fun to work here”
"Your job will affect hundred and millions of users”
“Really great place to work”
“International company that is helping in changing the world”
#awesome (t-shirt)


Observed Culture
Openness and transparency
Top Execs. approachable
‘Home Tweet Home’ (office pillow)
Casual dress code
Brand awareness
At Twitter, The Future is You! “Come join the flock.”

Ritual Talk

Passion (Employee Testimonials)

* “The culture here tends to be fairly intense, uh intense not in a bad way, but intense in that we are very serious” –
VP of Engineering

* “I think the most important skill a good software engineer needs to have is the ability to do problem solving” –

Passion (Continued)

* "Our employees are obviously very smart, have lots of energy, creative and dedicated” –
Navigator/ CFO

* “If you are a creative person who likes ownership and taking charge you will have a lot of fun at Zoosk”. -
Sr. Lead Engineer

* "I have people all over the world working on my teams who speak different languages".-
Sr. Director Operations Manager


Social Work Environment

* Purple and “hearts” predominately featured in the workspace,
* people working outside,
* Ping-Ponging table in office,
* Pilates in house,
* beer and wine bottles on the table
* pet friendly.

“great place to work”
“one of the best engineering shops in the bay area”
“If you like what you see,, we would love for you to -- find a job that fits you…”


Observed Culture
Calm and relaxing
Brand awareness
Business casual dress code
Playful Exec. Team
Video Campaign:
Business Casual: Synergy, Vision, Flat Matrix


Ritual Talk
* Catered lunch everyday.

Passion (Employee Testimonials)

* “I love working at Shopify because I get to do what I love every day and get paid for it.”-

* “I really love the office here, there tons of open areas, everyone has a lot of space and doesn’t feel like your trapped in some sort of cubicle hell.”-



Social Work Environment
Open, modern and lofty workspaces
Happy employees
Company Perks
Catered lunch in communal cafeteria
Video games


“...cool people who work here”-

“You get to work on some really interesting projects using new technologies you don’t get to work with anywhere else.”-

Observed Culture
Connected to their city (Ottawa)
Upbeat, Creative, Artistic and Innovative
Supportive and Collaborative work styles
Casual dresscode
Welcome Poster
: Exit from the primitive transportation device.
You have arrived at the Shopify Mothership”.


Social Work Environment
* Open, bright, colorful and spacious workspace * "Friends for Life"
* game playing

* Company Perks
Mac laptop, Twitter T-Shirt, bottle of wine (for new comers)
Game console and board games
Chair massages, yoga, acupuncture and free gym membership
Free lunch, breakfast, dinner and beer

Organizational Socialization Theory
*Divestiture *"Learning the ropes"
Cultural Performances in Recruitment Videos
Figure 1.0

Recruits/ Potential / Interested

* Individuals are looking for
in terms of the "standard"
medical and dental benefits.

Social and global impact.
Brand awareness can help revive a company through the use of recruitment videos
Used in other countries to source and attract candidates from all over the world

* Web 3.0...
It's likely that we will see the reverse use of recruitment videos. It will be utilize
by actual candidates to demonstrate their worthiness.

A close reading of the recruitment videos of Twitter, Zoosk and Shopify reveal an organizational culture that is intended to attract individuals who are be-fitting of the culture by depicting an assortment of social competencies, dynamic imagery and alluring possibilities to attract and create interest in potential organization members.
Passion (Continued)
* “It’s very rare that you can come in to a workspace that allows you to do what you love and feel inspired at the same time without any boundaries.” -
Office Administer

* “It just the casual atmosphere, you get to work on your own schedule and lets us have the responsibility to manage our own hours and what works the best for us.”-
Network Security Engineer

* “I have a lot of freedom here. I can be very creative and people only embrace that.” –
Dir. of Strategic Initiatives

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Recruitment Video Youtube Hits
Figure 2.0
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