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Skyward and Moodle Testing

No description

Robin Roberts

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Skyward and Moodle Testing

What do your tests look like? Would you like to move to this? Summative Options


Disadvantages: Timed
Student access looks clean and modern
Many options for question types
Password protected
Examview import
Easily changed to "accommodated" version No automatic update of Skyward grades
More difficult from the teacher set-up end Moodle Skyward

Disadvantages: Grades updated automatically
Easy set up
Students are more familiar with Skyward Few questions type options
No Examview upload
No passwords
Not easily accommodated What do I use Moodle tests for? Larger unit tests
Exams Smaller, more frequent quizzes
Simple M/C, T/F quizzes What do I use Skyward tests for? Why would I want my students to take assessments on a computer?

It offers a wide range of features
Item analysis becomes easier
Can be expected at college
The new "MME" will be computer-based and timed Edmodo


Disadvantages: *it is completely free
*They are easy to create
*It is easy to upload and link to content and multimedia that is to be used in the quizzes and assignments
*There is a report card on edmodo that does keep all quizzes and assignments together
*Assignments are easy to submit online to edmodo (documents, links, videos, etc)
*virtually unlimited storage for students and teachers *the quizzes and assignments don’t dump into Skyward
*quizzes are limited in scope compared to Moodle
*can’t upload Examview quizzes and tests into Moodle

Disadvantages: Quia *Activities are varied, yet easy to create. Most can be created by uploading a properly formatted Excel spreadsheet.

*Activities are logged on either a timed basis, or a scored basis *It costs $49 per year. Formative Options
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