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Emotions- why do we have them

No description

Lauren Davidson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Emotions- why do we have them

Double click anywhere & add an idea HAPPY SAD MAD LOVE SCARED I can't help but smile, everything is okay, I may blush at moments and inside im in a full burst of laughter.
What emotion am I? I feel lonely, but I don't want anyone near me. My face is wet and I hope
I feel a little better.How do I feel now? Steam is practically boiling out of my ears and im in the mood to punch something, I try to keep calm and keep my cool but its not working,
so what emotion am I? I can't help these butterflies in my stomach, they happen whenever I see your face, because right now I am feeling? I hate it when its dark outside or when I am alone I hate it when the wolves howl because it makes me? The brain is a complex organ that controls our whole body. It controls it through opposite sides though (right controls left, left controls right.) One particular part of the brain is called the limbic system. It is one of the main parts of emotions . HATE Emotions come from the latin word movere., which means "to move." It means move because emotions move us to do things. Their sometimes used to motivate someone. They are closely related to something called willpower. (the freedom of choice.) Emotion is just a name for certain reflexes and expressed feelings. mood rings can tell your emotion by the temperature of your body. The warmest temperatures are violet and the coldest are black or gray. violet: happy, romantic blue:calm, relaxed green: average, not so much
going on. yellow: tense, excited grey: nervouse, anxiouse black: it's cold outside, your dead, or the ring is broken.
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