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My autobiography

No description

emily lacandola

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of My autobiography

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli "Pangasinan State University" "My Family" San Carlos City Pangasinan S.Y. 2012-2013 "Autobiography" "My" "My SelF" "My Self" "My name is "Emily F. Lacandola".
But i like "emz" for short.
I was born in Turac
San Carlos City Pangasinan.
On the 25th of April,1995. I had happy childhood and spend my time in a beautiful Natural Invironment "Im a pet lover, duck and a cute my babies and love them all." "My pet are, cut puppy there are lovely." "In my Life i have a bad expiriences, but this expiriences help learn from them every." And good fantastic in life overall, me to be happy, and i day of my life." "About My Family" 2012 "I grew up in a big Familiy that has a ten members" "My father was a farmer and barangay police. My mother was a houswife; she always stayed at home and took care of here family. "My parents have 4 daughters; and 3 sons. I am the fifth in the family. I have three older sisters (1. Arlene as " Buleen", 2.Editha as "Sabit" and 3.Criselda as "taba" , 4. Erika as "Tala") one older brother (Ariel as " Guryo"), and two youngest brother (1.Christian as "Chachong' and 2. Harrold as " Bolog"). "Arlene, Editha, and Ariel were already been married. In addition to them. I have two Brother in-law and one sister in-law. They all love me, but I love their children more. "I have not only 4 beautiful nieces, but also one cute nephew. We often take short strips together. I love my Family. My Parents care about children's education; they told as, "knowledge" is the most precious treasure for everyone". I always remember those words in my mind.I like my Father About all. He is the most loving person in the Family. My Educational Attainment I started kindergarten when I was 4 years old and I finished it at 6 years old. In the kindergarten, I had very good times. There I made my first good friends in all my life and I remember them for the games that we played together.

Later I started Elementary School when i was 6 years old in Turac National High School. I remember school very well, because at first i was scared of boys. They were bigger than i was. Also , I didn't know how to talk w/ them about their favorite heroes, their favorite topic ever.

However I made friends there and i like to study, do my homework and play with my friends and talk talk with them about cartoons on television in fact, I really enjoyed this time in my childhood. I finished elementary school when i was 12 years old. I was ready to move another level to learn new things and make new friends there.

After elementary school, I went to Turac National High School. It was Bigger And more teachers than I had before . My new friends were very friendly and some of them were shy, especially girls, In junior High, My favorite subject were Math and T.L.E, On the other Hand, I didn't Like Araling panlipunan.

As a result of that , I had to study this more have a to good grades. Otherwise, I was not going to have vacation or enjoy my future vacations. I could reach my goal by studying hard and not going out with my friends too much. "when i was studying, i went to all the activities there. in particular, I liked most the sepak takraw, and mind games activities like chess and scrabble, because I could spend more times with my friends. I really like to remember these moments from Turac National High School. Because I still have
friends junior high school days. In moment other words, we are very good friends. I remember These happy Moments with them and we laugh about it I finished high School when I was 16 Years old. I graduated as a first honorable mention in our batch and i receive different kinds of medals and certificate awards. "I ENJOY HIGH SCOOL NOT ONLY FOR MY FRIEND" "but also I learn many things there and the TEACHERS where very good people " I was not really excited,
because I was afraid of the new experiences there,
and I knew I wasn’t going to have my friends from high school.
In fact, I was going to have more responsibility in high school.
However, when I started high school, things were better
than I thought. I remember I came and I went with my best friend
(Mechenee Castillo), because he was my classmate in high school.
We were together all the time.

Some students came up to us and we began to talk with them.
At that I made new friends and we talked about
our experiences at high school. "Work Experience" "My
It was during that time when
I started to see guys
with different styles,
because before there
were only friends.
Later I liked them very much. I remember one of them in particular;
because I had a crush on him and
he was a good friend.
His name is Kim Harold Saure.
He was taller than me, with shiny hair,
white skin; long eye lashes and
always has handkerchief in his pocket.
He was so cute and sweet with me,
but his uncle didn’t like me.
Maybe he was just insecure because
he was a gay.
So I didn’t talk with him so much.
At the first I felt bad, but later
I got to know more guys. I won't forget this moments. When I remember these moments,

I want to come back to the past to

live it again. My friends and I were

sad when the school year finish,

because some of us were going to

different Universities. On the other

hand. We were happy for our

progress and our new, important

steps in our lives. Presently,
I am studying in PSU San Carlos City Campus
as a first year collage.
Taking a Course of
Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED)
I am excited for many opportunities
I have here and I will have.
I will study hard to be better every day.
In other words,
I will be happy everyday in my life.

My experiences in this level
are memorable moments for me.
We made trips to parks,
jamming w/ our barkada’s even w/out enough money and go to the different resorts to swim. My friends and I enjoyed these moments. Because we told jokes, played, told stories and went to parties at my friend’s houses. I won't forget this moments As now I have a boyfriend. I meet him at our church. He was so nice, lovable and responsible person. His name is "MARK JOHN PAUL SALVADOR". Since high school,
I’m a franchise dealer of Avon,
Natasha, MSE, f/x, Sundance
and Board Walk Company
and until now. "Work Experience" "It is better to fail and try,
than fail without trying at all" Prepared by:
Ms. Emily Lacandola Prepared to:
Mr. Ryan Abunan "The end"
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