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Eve's Diary

No description

Siobhan Anderson

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Eve's Diary

The plot of this story is the first-person account of Eve from her creation up to her creating fire, her mate, Adam, including meeting and getting to know Adam, and exploring the world around her.
The conflict in Eve's diary is the fact Eve had been trying to get Adam to talk to her and she is not having success and even becoming friends with him he gets upset at times and he does not tell her what she did wrong.
The mood in "Eve's Diary" has a mood that makes the story whimsical and almost childlike with the way Eve describes it.

Ex: Stars are good, too. I wish I could get some to put in my hair. But I suppose I never can. You would be surprised to find how far off they are, for they do not look it. When they first showed, last night, I tried to knock some down with a pole, but it didn't reach, which astonished me; then I tried clods till I was all tired out, but I never got one. It was because I am left-handed and cannot throw good.
Mood and Atmosphere
Point of View
The main point of view in the story is first person through Eve as she is narrating the story.
Eve's Diary
Written by Mark Twain
Taught by Megan, Siobhan, and Josh
Mark Twain characterizes Eve being very talkative and very adventurous. Adam on the other hand is very quiet and not adventurous as Eve was.
Voice and Tone
In our short story by Marl Twain the main character is Eve, the first woman created by God, is narrating her first days on Earth. Through her misadventures, we see the naming of the Dodo, literally discovering one's self, first sorrows, and the creation of fire.

The voice and tone presented by the narrator, Eve, in "Eve's Diary" is a simple one that is easily understandable, but because of the way it is presented, the reader knows more than the narrator. The story also has bits of humor and text which makes the reader sympathize with Eve when she describes her loneliness.
Ex. 1:The reader can conclude that when Eve meets another person, other than Adam, that it is actually her own reflection. "It is not enough--that lovely white body painted there in the pool-- but it is something, and something is better than utter loneliness. It talks when I talk; it is sad when I am sad; it comforts me with its sympathy; it says, "Do not be downhearted, you poor friendless girl; I will be your friend." It IS a good friend to me, and my only one; it is my sister."
Ex. 2: I followed the other Experiment around, yesterday afternoon, at a distance, to see what it might be for, if I could. But I was not able to make out. I think it is a man. I had never seen a man, but it looked like one, and I feel sure that that is what it is. I realize that I feel more curiosity about it than about any of the other reptiles. If it is a reptile, and I suppose it is; for it has frowzy hair and blue eyes, and looks like a reptile[…]so I think it is a reptile, though it may be architecture.
"Then if I am an experiment, am I the whole of it? No, I think not; I think the rest of it is part of it. I am the main part of it, but I think the rest of it has its share in the matter. Is my position assured, or do I have to watch it and take care of it? The latter, perhaps. Some instinct tells me that eternal vigilance is the price of supremacy. "
Man vs. Man: "Yesterday he avoided me and seemed to wish I would not talk to him. I could not believe it, and thought there was some mistake, for I loved to be with him, and loved to hear him talk, and so how could it be that he could feel unkind toward me when I had not done anything? But at last it seemed true, so I went away and sat lonely in the place where I first saw him the morning that we were made and I did not know what he was and was indifferent about him..."
All the week I tagged around after him and tried to get acquainted. I had to do the talking, because he was shy, but I didn't mind it. He seemed pleased to have me around, and I used the sociable "we" a good deal, because it seemed to flatter him to be included.
"I am almost a whole day old, now. I arrived yesterday. That is as it seems to me. And it must be so, for if there was a day-before-yesterday I was not there when it happened, or I should remember it."
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