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Math in My Career

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on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Math in My Career

What kind of math is needed for my career?
It depends on your specialty and what school you attend
every school has different requirements for their medical students in the math department
In general what a student who is studying to be a doctor should take probability and statistics
How is math used as a neurosurgeon ?
Math is used ;
When writing prescriptions for patients
To determine how much medication each patient needs based on their weight
They use statistics and probability to interpret test results.
When a patient is getting treated for an illness the use of probability is used to determine which treatment would be more effective
1. Bachelor Degree
No specific major required
Most students major in Biology, or another related science
Regardless of major, courses in biology, anatomy, chemistry,physics, English, and mathematics are required for medical school admission
2. Medical School
Neurosurgeons just like any other doctor must complete 4 years of medical school.
In their first 2 years of medical school they do class work, laboratory work, and they learn how to read and diagnose, examine and treat patients.
During their last two years students gain clinical practice through rotating specialties.

3. Internship and Residency
Future neurosurgeons must complete must complete a one year internship in internal medicine and surgery
Followed by a 7 year hospital residency in neurology
Then late in their second year of internship they take the third part of USMLE, upon passing they are board certify doctors
Fellowship and Certification
Neurologist seeking certification in a sub-specialty must complete a one to two year fellowship for additional training.
sub specialties may include pediatric neurology ,vascular neurology, and many other
What kind of training is needed to become a neurosurgeon?
What is the job Outlook?
Neurosurgery is a specialty that involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions which affect the area of the the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and their supporting and surrounding structures.
What is the salary potential ?
According to the 2013 MGMA Physician Compensation Report, the average income for neurosurgeons is about $775,968, but you can earn up to about 1,229,881.
What contributions are made to society as a result of this occupation?
Doctors contribute to society by helping safeguard the mental and physical health of the different members in our community. Doctors not only care for those who are sick, but they research for cures for different deceases.
What advancements are expected?
UCLA: The brain& Beyond- The future of Neurosurgeon
How has medicine changed over the past 100 years
Medicine has changed drastically over the past 100 years.
Germany 1901- It was when it was discovered the different types of blood
In the 19th century Joseph Lister applied the new knowledge of bacteriology to the operating room. He became the pioneer of antiseptic surgery.
20th century- The 20th century saw the development, in rapid succession, of serums, vaccines, and antitoxins, to combat many deadly infectious diseases.
What legislation has affected this career?
30 US Code 7332- confidentiality of certain medical records. The US code 7332 states that prohibits the disclosure to medical records to any person or entity other than the patient or subject concerned of the fact that a special written consent is required in order for such records to be disclosed.
This affects physicians because if they are not careful with who they share the medical records of their patient their license might be removed. In some cases might even face time in prison.
Math In My Career
Laura Ramirez
Track 7
Septemeber 9, 2014

Interview with Neurosurgeon Dr.Landy
Where did you get the training?

1987 Residency University of Miami Affiliated Hospitals
1986 Senior Residency
1983 Junior - Neurological Surgery
University of Miami Affiliated Hospitals
1980 M.D.
University of Miami School of Medicine
1975 Undergraduate
Rensselaer Polytechnic
What is his favorite pat of the job?
Dr.Landy treats people with severe conditions in their brain or spinal cord.
Once he has treated them his actions have a great effect in that person's life, as he has either saved their life, taken the pain away, or he has given them more time to live. His favorite part of his job is when he improves someones life.

What part of his job does he likes the least?
The aggravation caused by work
The paperwork he has to perform to prove to the government that he has performed a procedure to a patient. Not only that, but he has to show that the procedure he performed on the patient was needed, and that he was not trying to take their money.
Dealing with insurance companies
How long has he worked in the field?

Dr.Landy has worked in the field for about 27 years
What does he consider to be his greatest accomplishment ?
Dr.Landy says that he does not know what he would consider to be his greatest accomplishment. As saving a life or improving someones quality of life is his greatest accomplishment, but he does this task on an everyday basis. You could say his greatest accomplishment is every time he improves someones quality of life.
If Dr.Landy could go back in time would he chose this career again?
His answer was yes, because he says that being a neurosurgeon is what he loves to do. Even though medical school is so long he would do it again. The reason why is, because there is no better feeling that knowing that you just improved someone quality of life or even better that you saved their life.
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