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Great-great grandfather

No description

Paige De Lisen

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Great-great grandfather

Heinrich De Lisen
Karoline Elizabeth De Lisen(nee Dietz)
Erich(Eric) De Lisen
Florence De Lisen
(nee Kogler)
The De Lisen and Gotts Family Tree
Allan Eric
De Lisen
Beverley De Lisen (nee Edlich)
Born: 1875/1876, Krefeld Germany
Sue De Lisen
Janice De Lisen
arrived in Sydney on the 3rd of June, 1910 via the S.S Seydlitz
Died: 17th of February, 1949 in Bundeburg, Queensland
Born: 1879/1880 in Dusseldorf, Germany
arrived in Sydney on the 3rd of June, 1910 via the S.S Seydlitz
Died: 12th of April, 1942 in Bundeburg, Queensland
(Deceased Great Grandfather)
(Great-great grandfather)
(Great-great grandmother)
Born: 12th January, 1918 in Eidsvold, Queensland
Married to Florence Kogler on the 5th of August, 1939 in Bundaberg, Queensland
Died: 9th of May,2006 in Melbourne
Karoline Henriette De Lisen
(Great-grand aunty)
(Great-grand aunty)
(Great-grand aunty)
(Great-grand aunty)
Emma(Emmy) Hermine De Lisen
Born: 7th of July, 1915 in Queensland
Margarete(Margaret) Helene De Lisen
Else/Elsie De Lisen
(Great-grand uncle)
(Great-grand uncle)
Jacob De Lisen
Born: 1910 in Germany
Died: 4th of May, 1979 in Bundeburg, Queensland
arrived in Sydney 3rd of June, 1910 via the S.S Seydlitz
De Lisen
Born: 20th of January,
1902 Germany
arrived in Sydney 3rd of June, 1910 via the S.S Seydlitz
Died: 27th June, 2001 in Brisbane, Queensland
Born: 1905/1906 in Germany
arrived in Sydney on the 3rd of June, 1910 via the S.S Seydlitz
Died: before 1975
Born: 1907/1908 in Germany
arrived on the 3rd of June, 1910 via the S.S Seydlitz
Married: 22nd March, 1930 in Queensland
Born: 4th of November, 1913 in Queensland
Married: 24th November, 1934 in Queensland to Erich(Eric) Hermann Ludecke
Originally, our last name was Deliesen, but were forced to change it on the S.S Seydlitz trip to a more wealthier name, De Lisen. Heinrich De Lisen had to pay 2 pounds to change it back to Deliesen, but refused due to the high cost.
Birth: 23rd March, 1920, Bundaberg, Queensland
(Great- grandmother)
Born: 25th July 1940, Bundaberg, Queensland.
My Great-grandmother is still alive today and it 93 years old.
Born: 27th May, 1941
Glenn Andrew
De Lisen
Candy Maree De Lisen
(nee Gotts)
Born: 14th March, 1965
Born: 15th of November, 1970
Kaila Aimee De Lisen
Paige Tenille De Lisen
Born: 9th of October, 1998
Born: 12th of January, 1994
Allan and Beverley De Lisen
Eric and Florence De Lisen
Heinrich & Karoline and their children
Heinrich and Karoline's grave in Bundeburg, Queensland
Florence De Lisen's siblings and parents
My Great Grandfather
Allan is 73 years old now
Beverley is now 72 years old.
Christopher John
De Lisen
Jason Edward
De Lisen
Geordine Nicole
De Lisen
Born: 1st of December, 1973
Adopted: early 1974
Born: 28th of August, 1970
Born: 8th of June, 1967
Candy Maree De Lisen
(nee Gotts)
Born: 15th of November, 1970
Simon Andrew Gotts
Born: 22nd September, 1972
(Deceased Uncle)
Died: at the age of 22 on the 21st April, 1995 due to a car accident.
Clive Alexander Gotts
Born: 13th of May, 1944 in Sandlewood, Adelaide
Christine Ruth Gotts (nee Harris)
Born: 9th of August, 1952 in Loxton, Adelaide
Clive and Christine Gotts
Clive Gotts' father, Samuel Alfred Gotts (my Great-grandfather) was born on the 1st of May, 1902, in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, England.
His parents, siblings and himself migrated from Stratford to Adelaide in 1908, possibly via the SS Waratah. They were transported to Australia because Samuel's father(also Samuel) was accused of poaching rabbits.
S.S Waratah
On my dads side, all of my ancestors and distant family members are of German and English heritage. My dad's grandmother on his mums side(who was English) married Robert Edlich who was German. It would have been nice to include everyone, but the family would branch out too much
Before I did all the research by talking to grandparents and great-grandparents, I didn't know much about our family history at all. It was so amazing to learn all about the German history and how I am related to so many different German people. I really enjoyed doing this assignment and finding out how my family came to live in Australia.
(S.S Seydlitz)
Kaila is now 19 years old
Clive is now 69 years old
Christine is now 61 years old
Samuel and Hazel Gotts
Christine Gotts' parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were all born in Rowland Flat, South Australia.
Her Great-great Grandparents(my G-G-G-G grandparents) came to South Australia from Prussia in their early teens in 1838.

Wilhelm August Koch(my G-G-G-G grandfather) was born on the 22nd of September 1823 in Brandenburg, Prussia and died in SA from sunstroke at age 37.
Johanne Eleanora Boehm(my G-G-G-G grandmother) was born on the 6th of February, 1827 in Brandenburg, Prussia and died from pneumonia at the age of 83.
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