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Peppered Moths

No description

Brady Beers

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Peppered Moths

1. How was your weekend?
2. Science Starter
3. Common Assessment Review
4. Darwin's 5 Parts
5. Peppered Moths
6. Cladogram Challenge
Science Starter
How did the Industrial Revolution lead to significant changes in the natural selection of Peppered Moths?
A. The smog from the Industrial Revolution killed all Peppered Moths.
B. The Industrial Revolution did not lead to significant changes in the natural selection of Peppered Moths.
C. Soot from new factories blackened the Peppered Moth's natural habitat, causing darker moths to have a favorable trait.
D. Dark colored peppered moths slowly turned lighter.
The Rest of the Day
Darwin's 5 Parts of Natural Selection
Peppered Moth Simulation Activity
Cladogram Challenge
Peppered Moths
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