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Who am I?

No description

Francesca Delcarro

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Who am I?

Gymnastic jumping questions
Who am I?
What about my path?
Why me?
Why Fouganza?

Hello! I'm Francesca Delcarro and I'm 28.

I live in Milan with my boyfriend and two huge Norwegian cats.

I love being outdoor and I'm a horse rider since I was six, but I play a lot of different sports too, like kickboxing, swimming and hiking.

I'm an outgoing person with a sunny disposition, who likes to have lots of friends!

I'm also very passionate about poetry and music...and
I'm a clumsy piano player :)

I'm about to graduate in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Milan, in a degree about hippiatrics and livestock zootechnics, with a senior thesis about equestrian biomechanics.
My equestrian path

Horse riding is my greatest pleasure and I'm an expert rider.

Even now, I compete in showjumping competitions, whether indoor or outdoor, both at national and local level.
I stand out mainly in cross-country...I love riding free in the countryside!

(In the pic: Spartacus, who is 5 years old, at his first competition. Despite his inexperience, he executed a clean jump!)
I have a long deal with young horses'
training and I attend also the rehabilitation of horses who have some behavioral or physical problems.

It's truly a hard work, but I love it!

My Decathlon's Path
I'm working in Decathlon Cairoli since 2007, when the horse riding department opened.

Even though we have a small commercial area, our little "equestrian boutique" works well in Milan and we became a landmark for almost all of the nine thousand urban riders of the city.
I'm also an horseriding teacher...
I realised how gratifying is to work with a young, little rider at his first time!
(Rain or shine or fighting in the mud too...)

I'm a fearless "horsewoman" and
I can make things happen!
In any position I seek ways to motivate my team, improve performance, being successful and achieving.
I love to work on a team!

I'm an engaging, passionate person and I'm sure that sharing my horse experience with others is fun and useful!
(In the pic: some Decathlon's people at their first horse time!
I worked with the GA to give to my colleagues the chance to have free horse riding lessons. )
I live Decathlon's values and my motto is "work hard, have fun, play fair"!

(In the pic: me and Mr. Fringe on his first day of training. I coach personally all of them at the start of kid's riding school.
Ps. Mr. Fringe unhorsed me twice :)
I work everyday with Fouganza's equipment, both in the shop and stables and I'm fully aware of them.
I perfectly understand customer's, rider's and horse's needs too.
Riding horses keep kids active and is good physical exercise and fun. It gets kids outdoor in the fresh air and in tune with nature, it improves balance and coordination.
The problem arise when "non-horsey" people look at horses as an expensive habit.
Fouganza offers quality equipment, which assure total safety and comfort for the rider and his horse, staying affordable and suitable for all.
Fouganza is the first brand that has democratized maybe the best "luxury sport".
Fouganza, with a special consideration for innovation, provides for every rider's needs, whether you ride occasionally, regularly or competitively.
So, I hope I have answered all your questions and I rely to hear from you soon!
I'm on hand! Best regards :)
(In the pic: Margì, a young 4 years old pony, at her first challenge. I trained her since she was 3 and we won a lot of national and local competitions, up to 110cm showjumping!)
(In the pic: me and Sylvia, who is 4 years old and daughter of the well-know Silvio I, at her first country derby competition.)
Francesca Delcarro
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