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All About Me - Scavenger Hunt

No description

Alison Poulter

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of All About Me - Scavenger Hunt

My name is Nathaniel Poulter

I live in B.C in the Kootenays,
in the city of Trail.

My favourite thing about Trail is definitely that it is a small town.
My Favourite Food is...
Why did you have to ask such deep questions! That question is
to answer so I refuse to even try.

Wood work:
I like to carve wood and make things out of wood. Some of the things I have made are a bike rack and a bench.

Make computer programs:
I like to learn code and make programs on Khan Academy.

Have fun out side:
I like to do basically anything outdoors!

I am quite good at woodwork,
I am good at programming,
and I am good at having fun outside.

If I could eat at any restaurant, it would probably be somewhere that I haven't been already

All About Me

The best thing that happened to me this summer is my trip to the top of a mountain called Old Glory. It is the tallest mountain around here and the hike was 17 km . We spent the night at the top.
I can not fit enough pictures!
our camp
at the top
alpine scenery
a goat 1/6
My bros. and I
in Scotland
Me in Scotland
My bros. and I
in Trail
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