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dana alquraishi

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of abbas

his name was Abbas Qasim Ibn Firnas, He was born in al-Andalus. he was an aviator, chemist, humanitarian, inventor, musician, physician, poet, and technologist.
He designed a water clock called Al-Maqata. He also devised means of manufacturing colorless glass by additions to the frit from which it was produced, and he developed a chain of rings that could be used to display the motions of the planets and stars.
In 852, he try to fly using a huge wing-like cloak to break his fall
which he survived with minor injuries.
This was the first example of an early parachute.
Having constructed the final version of his glider, to celebrate its success he invited the people of Cordoba to come and witness his flight. People watched from a nearby mountain as he flew some distance, but then the glider plummeted to the ground causing him to injure his back
Ibn Firnas died at the age of 77 years old.
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