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Detention Should be Illegal After School

No description

Johnny Saad

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Detention Should be Illegal After School

After School Detention Should be
ILLEGAL! What's your opinion right now? CONVINCED? Before I begin my presentation, I would like
to ask you,
Are you for, or against
after school detention? Detention is a waste of precious TIME You have extracurriculars too, don't you? Kids have extracurriculars that are very important to them After school detention without a few hours' notice can cause problems for a student (in terms of transportation) I'm AGAINST after school detention, and you should be too.
Detention is just a waste of time for both the student
and the teacher. They can even make you miss
extracurriculars, and have to walk or take the bus home
too. If you have to give a studentdetention,
it should be after school. -Detention is a very ineffective form of punishment because it doesn't
teach the kid what they've done wrong, or how to fix their mistake.

-According to recent statistics, more than 71% of Americans (not including students or teachers in Elementary School) believe detention to be a waste of time and a punishment that is barely productive. Detention -Most students have extracurricular activities that they take very seriously.
-Statistics show that more than 81% of students belong to a team, club, or some other kind of extracurricular activity.
-Detention, in some cases actually makes kids break rules more often and one of the leading reasons is because they missed an extracurricular activity for an after school detention. What if your teacher gave you an after school detention during last period, and you had no time to tell your ride to come late. Whoever was supposed to pick you up came to the school and after a short while may have left. This leaves you with two options, walk, or bus.
If you have no bus tickets, then you have to walk home, all ALONE She's
Right Those are a few of the reasons why after school detention is a bad and ineffective punishment -Detention doesn't teach kids a lesson.
-It may cause kids to miss their extracurricular activities
-It can cause problems in terms of transportation How about now? Are you for banning
detention? Thank you very much for listening. Walking home alone can be
dangerous late after school when
there aren't as many people
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