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The Geography of Frankenstein

No description

Molly Robinson

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Geography of Frankenstein

The Geography of Frankenstein KEY
Henry (only with Frankenstein)
The Monster St. Petersburg,
Russia This is where Walton's journey begins. He is writing to Mrs. Saville about is up coming journey. Archangel, Russia This is where Walton travels to, gathers his crew from, and sets sail for his journey to find a path to North Pole. Archangel is now called Arkhangelsk. Walton sets off in the water toward the North Pole. Out here is where he meets Frankenstein and where Frankenstein dies and the monster is last seen. The Ocean and Seas We aren't sure exactly where
Walton sails, or where he ends up. Geneva,
Switzerland Naples, Italy Naples is the birth place of Frankenstein. Lake Como,
Italy When visiting here, Frankenstein and his family meet and adopt Elizabeth Lavenza. Up until this point Frankenstein traveled around Europe with his parents. Today Lake Como is still a common tourist area. This is where Frankenstein grows up and lives with his family. Henry Clerval lives here too. Belrive, Switzerland When Frankenstein was 15 his family and him moved to their house here for awhile. It is a suburb just outside Geneva. This is where he saw the tree struck by lightening that sparked more of his scientific wondering. Ingolstadt, Germany At the age of 17 he was supposed to leave to go to school here, his journey gets shortly deferred because of his mother's death. Here he continues his education in science and becomes very interested in natural philosophy. It is here were he builds the monster. Henry and Frankenstein meet up here and Henry nurses him back to health after he becomes sick because of his monster. Secheron,
Switzerland This is where Frankenstein arrives at night after the gates of Geneva are closed when returning home because of William's murder. Frankenstein headed straight to his father's house the next day after arriving home. This is where he blames the monster for William's death and where Justine gets blamed, convicted, and killed unjustly for the murder. Frankenstein spends time at the house here as well and rowing on the near by lake both during and after the trial. Chamounix, France Frankenstein journey here is supposed to be a get-away from his stress from William's and Justine's death. He travels to Apline valley by going through the ravine of Arve and passing over the bridge of Pelisser. Mount Blanc over looks the valley. Here is were he journeys up the mountain and meets up with the "devil" for the first time since he created him. The Monster's hut
in the mountains This is were the monster
lives and tells his story. This is where the monster's life begins when Frankenstein creates him. The De Lacey Cottage The actual location of the cottage is never given, it is described as in Germany and outside the village. It is assumed that the village is Ingolstadt. This is where the monster hides out and watches the family, by doing this he picks up language skills such as reading and writing. He strives to make friends with the family but fails and this makes him very mad. The monster traveled to Geneva after the family left the cottage. The journey took him around 2 months because he really didn't know where he was going. He went to Geneva because he knew his creator was from there and wanted to seek revenge on him. His revenge was the murder of William. (he also framed Justine. The monster retreats to here after some time after the murder, this is where he just told this story to Frankinstein. Frankenstein arrives the next morning in Chamounix but does not stop and continues to head straight home to Geneva. He is going home to work on the monster's companion. The monster is close by. We don't know the exact where-abouts of him, but we do know that he is watching and following Frankenstein. It continues like that most of the rest of the way. Frankensein promtly returns to Geneva after talking with his monster. Here he beguins work on the monster friend, although he is noy quick to recomence his work. Frankensein quickly returns to Geneva after talking to the monster in order to begin making his friend. Although he is not quick to recomence his work. Frankenstein needs to go to England to "get away" for awhile. He is going to get parts for the new monster. Strasburg, France This is the first stop on Frankenstein's journy to England. He meets up with Henery here, who is accompaning him on the trip. Rotterdam,
Netherlands Henery and Frankenstein take a boat up the Rhine from France to here. They will depart on a boat to England from this location. They stop at the towns Manheim and Mayence on their way here. London, England This was there first destination for them in England. They stayed here a few months. Frankenstein spend the time obtaining the information he needs to make the monster, while Clerval was intrested in the talents and thoughts of other men. Windsor, England After departing London this is their first stop to spend a few days in the beatiful forests. Oxford, London They spend some time here visiting places of English history. Matlock, England Their next place of rest, very similar to scenery in Switzerland. They spend time visiting caves and learning about history. Frankenstein doesn't like this place because it reminds him of Chamounix. Edinburgh, England This is the next most major stop. They travel through and spend a breif time at Cumberland and Westmoreland England on their way here. Perth, Scotland They travel through Coupar, St.Andrew's and Tay Scottland to get here. This is where they meet up with Henry's freind. Frankenstein decides he wants to go work on his own for a while and sends Henry off on a tour of Scotland. Orkney Islands, Scotland This is where Frankenstein escapes to in order to work on the monster. He finds a little cottage on the ocean to work. This is also where he decides to stop and destroy his work. He has contact with the monster here, who becomes very mad about the destruction of his friend and then threatens Frankenstein. Out here somewhere... ...is where frankenstein dumps the remains of the new monster. Ireland Frankenstein floats to a fishing village in Ireland, the town is never actually given a name. It is here that he finds Henry dead at the hands of the monster. Frankenstein gets blammed for the murder and in jail, but is eventually proved innocent. He becomes ill and his dad comes to see him and brings him home when he begins to get better. Paris, France Frankenstein and his father make a pit stop here on their way home to Geneva. This is where Frankenstein recieves the letter from Elizebath and writes back assuring that he wants to marry her. This is where Frankenstein and his father returns home to. Eventually Frankenstain and Elizabeth get married. Frankenstein and his wife go on their honeymoon here. This is place of her murder by the monster. Frankenstein goes home to Geneva one last time. On this occassion his father dies and he goes and tries to get help from the police to find his monster. It is after this that he starts chasing the devil. Frankenstein chases the monster to the Mediterranean Sea. Frankenstein chases the monster through Tartary and Russia. Walton's Boat After chasing eachother on the icy water both Frankenstein and the monster end up on this boat. The monster kills Frankenstein on his death bed here. The moster goes on to kill himself in the North pole. Citations:

Frankenstein Book
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