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Radhakrishna Cherukuri

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Radhakrishna-Details

Radhakrishna Cherukuri's Presume

- Within GE, my primary role is to define the road-map of products where there is technology gap exists and define the product strategy as per Product marketing team for healthcare products for tablets platforms

- Within Nokia I was advising on new/old investments to the portfolio management team, driving partnerships, and setting direction for products like location and social based products with SaaS support for Nokia maps
Business First Thinking
Customer Mindset...
- Established partners for deals for Location Based products in Nokia
- a move that generated monetization of the Nearby with 70/30 revenue model
-I always organize customer feedback reviews, interviews and listening back to customers in social networking sites about my own products and competitors products

Getting things done…
I bring an infectious high energy, optimism, and speed
- yet am rooted in the delivery, engineering, and competitive fundamentals of the day accompanied by a thorough analysis
-Experience in working with various layers of Mobile phones and tablets eco-System
- Operating systems, platforms and Apps released to market

Versatility and Situations Leadership
- Ability to quickly delve into and synthesize multiple technology domains and empathize with customer end-user pain points to drive innovative solutions.
- I take a viable techno-commercial approach in a given situation as I always have a full grasp of prevailing ecosystems and business models
-Liaised and worked across management levels from VPs to CXOs of different functions.
- I bring a unique combination of start-up experiences with hands-on coding and the communication experiences needed in matrix organized distributed leadership
- My style of being an engineer’s buddy and practitioner of Management by Walking Around has garnered me a lot of influence without formal authority in any situation

- My pet peeve has always been a bad user-experience or a bad-design - be it service, software, or hardware. I strive to (re)do product designs for end-user delight

Team Player.
- I always contribute collaboratively in many problem solving situations; engineered many speed, memory and quality optimizations efforts of software architectures. I can also do a deep-dive into core RnD / technology aspects where necessary and guide/mentor teams

Professional Experience

& Certifications

B.Tech in Electronics and Computer Science in Apr'99
from Nagarjuna university
- One of the oldest university in India
Pursuing Executive Education from Stanford GSB (2013-2014)*

14+ years of core IT product management & development
Professional Summary
I have an eye for details while keeping the big picture across various cross-cutting technologies. I look forward to lead and manage product and engineering groups where innovation and market share are the norms for accountability.
To-date, I was responsible for dozen successful on-time and quality products/releases over the entire span of my career
6+ years in Product Management
Core product building and Management experience result of repeatedly bringing out product innovations to global markets – US, EMEA, BRICS

Track record… built successful products from scratch to launch – the journey in each of these cases is important, as they have lent important lessons to me – in building and delivering them till market release and gave a window into customer service.

Getting things done… I bring an infectious high energy, optimism, and speed - yet am rooted in the delivery, engineering, and competitive fundamentals of the day accompanied by a thorough analysis

8+ years in cloud and multiple mobile platforms
Experience in multiple domains , Healthcare, Mobile , Telecom , Automotive and Embedded space
Using cutting Edge technologies like Cloud, HTML5, SaaS
8+ years of experience in Agile/Scrum
Responsible for multiple features releases , sprint releases and product releases in agile and scrum mode
Product Management , Nokia Research Center June-’06– Mar’12
Shipped NearBy (http://store.ovi.com/content/222940), A Social and location based SaaS product ( with monetization models) for mobile phones (S40 , S60 , planned for Android and Windows app markets) with uptake of ~800K users in few months of launch
Delivered a virtual input Key pad for Indian market for Nokia feature phones in Q1’12
Delivered a Social networking , Email & IM Communication suite prototype to Symbian OS and APIs to Qt Mobility APIs in Q4’09; Later released to Qt SDK v0.9 in Q2’10 in Forum Nokia Qt SDKs;
Shipped ‘the Conversations App’ – A product line extension for messaging for Symbian ^2 and ^3 products as a bundled product in Jul’09; Now visible in consumer hands;
As a Scrum Master, Completed the messaging transfer successfully to India from Finland with ahead of time in May’08 , I managed to deliver 5 out of 8 critical CRs while transferring is going on in 1H’08
As an architect delivered the OMA IMPS App for S60^5.0 in Jan’08 and for Nokia S60^3.2 products in Mar’07
Performed additional role as an Agile Coach in Bangalore site for executing scrum in effective & efficient way
Prod. Delivered
2006 - 2012
Tech.Product Management, GE Healthcare, May'12 to till date
Tablet Experience
Managing a product on tablet-cloud combination with complete healthcare eco-system with expected release in Q4’13
Define the product road map with engineering team and taking inception into reality in the execution
Driving engineering team with technical and product backlogs in agile/scrum way
Managing product end to end development life-cycle using lean and design thinking
Rapidly prototyping and releasing Minimal Viable Product(MVP) to delight customers
Working with marketing team for creating and presenting business proposals to higher management to raise seed for next generation products
Product Management, Nokia Research Labs,
2006-2012 , Mobile Experience

Software Engineer – CMS Info systems Ltd, Apr'99 to Oct'11
• Was working in windows with Embedded C, C++, EVC++/VC++, MFC in windows desktop(s) and Pocket PCs
• Joined as Lead engineer to create and led a team of 3 engineers for the ETAS product development in offshore center
• I brought down the performance of tool from ~10 minutes to 30 secs as a lead engineer
• Later prompted as Project Lead and Successfully delivered 2 products, ASCET Differentiator and an in-house product for Bosch Germany

Lead Engineer, Bosch, 2003-2006
Worked on enterprise Application on Pocket PC
GUI module (Smart-Client) along with synchronization engine with Win32 sockets; Participated to build the Windows Mobile Apps client using C++ and SOA: Business Process.
Involved in pre-sales and in technical answers to Marketing team , participation in products demos and events

Senior Engineer- vFirst Messaging, Dec'02 to Aug'03
Developed GUI modules using MFC;
Involved in system study, analysis, design and development of Windows / VC++ based applications for managing the real-time control systems or embedded systems; Used the Kernel Debugger WinDBG for debugging purpose for external system drivers
Systems Engineer - ATIPL, Dec'11 to Dec'12
2012 , A Certified Product Manager from AIPMM, USA.
2006–2008, Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Product Owner
Awards and Certifications
Got special award for contribution into crowd sourcing event in GE - Healthcare in Sep'13

Won ‘Most Valuable Contributor’ in Research Labs during NRC 25th Anniversary celebration in Nov’11 for my contribution to ship Nokia Communities

Won Grand first prize in CTO office innovation drive in Nokia Architecture Summit’11 competition

Won 2nd prize in Symbian Applications innovation drive happened in Nov’09 across all Symbian teams

Filed 5 patents and submitted some of these as prototypes in various innovation drives – Like Dynamic Home screens, context framework which are delivered to Symbian^3 product lines
Professional Experience ; 2013 - 1999 ; Tablets, Mobile, Software
Software/Mobile/IT Experience, 2006- 1999
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