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immune system-concept map

No description

Morgan McMurdy

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of immune system-concept map

Immune System 1st Line of defense 2nd line of defense Cillia
Mucus membranes
Anti microbial proteins
Gastric juices Targets invading antigens Consists of Phagocytes
monocytes) NK cells Compliment
system Interferons Inflamatory
Response Basophils Release
Histamine Vasodialation Phagocytes 3rd line of defense Targets antigens T cells B cells Helper T cell Cytotoxic T cell Create B memory
cells after infection Active immunity create antibody
mediated response APC binds to B cell B cells divide
into plasma cells this releases
antibodies Produce antibodies
that bind to antigens they are 'Y' shaped Helper T cells
Release Interlukins
(TH2) Go to kill Bacteria Macrophages &
Dendrocytes break
down bacteria into
epitope & present to
Bcell on membrane Come from
bone marrow Stimulates
Bcells to
Create Anti
Bodies TH2 T suppressor cell TH1 Macrophages &
Dendrocytes break
down to epitope &
present on cell
membrane Bacteria
Enters Virus
Enters once antigens
are received
can go 2 ways Stimulates Directly
cells MHCI Presents antigen fragments MHCII Presents
antigen fragments Protect
Cells Come from
Thymus Creates Memory
T cell
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