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8/24 Salem Witch Trials/ Timelines

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Amber Westendorf

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of 8/24 Salem Witch Trials/ Timelines

Warm Up
How did the Salem Witch Trials end?
Why do you think more women were accused?
Tuesday Warm Ups P. 22
Give 2 theories of the witch trials.
Definition: a group of Protestants (16th century England) , demanded simplification strictness in religious discipline
Example: Puritans moved to the Americas for
Salem Witch Trials
Background Essay

1) 1440 Gutenberg develops printing press
2)1492 Christopher Columbus reached North America
3) 1543 Reformation of Catholic Church in England
4) 1607 Jamestown founded
5) 1609–10 – The Starving Time at Jamestown.
6) 1620 Pilgrims settle in Plymouth
7) 1621 Pilgrims celebrate the First Thanksgiving
8) 1635 The first public school in America is established in, Boston
9) 1636 Harvard College in Massachusetts is founded.
10) 1642 English Civil War
11) 1692 Salem Witch Trials
12 ) 1754 French and Indian War begins
13) 1763 Treaty of Paris ends the war giving GB more land
Great Awakening
Definition: religious revivals among Protestants in the American colonies, especially in New England, lasting from about 1725 to 1770
Example: During the Great Awakening people began __________________.
Salem Witch Trials
1. The Salem Witch trials were during the...
2. The trials targeted...
3. What was the result?

Warm Up P. 22
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