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Integrated Co-teaching - Pair or Small Group Introduction

Overview highlighting definitions, characteristics, potential benefits, roles, responsibilities and instructional delivery models.

Denise Alterio

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Integrated Co-teaching - Pair or Small Group Introduction

Today's Goals: Next time... Characteristics Student Learning Looking at All Sides Benefits Challenges Exploring Define integrated co-teaching
Distinguish between characteristics of co-teaching and practices to avoid
Articulate the roles and responsibilities of general educators, special educators and teaching assistants in the integrated co-teaching service
Consider instructional models for co-teaching and guidelines for lessons Look at sample lessons
Collaborative Planning
Reflection and Feedback List the main stregths List the main weaknesses List the main threats Definition
of Integrated Co-teaching As used in the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Integrated
Co-teaching Services means... Your Guide:
Denise Alterio Conclusion Instructional Delivery Models ! ..."a general education teacher and a special education teacher jointly providing instruction to a class that includes both students with and students without disabilities to meet the diverse learning needs of all students in a class." "students are intentionally grouped together based on similarity of need for the purpose of receiving specially designed instruction in a general education class, usually daily for the indentified class." "...a general education teacher and a special education teacher share responsibility for
the delivery of primary instruction,
planning and
evaluation... ...for ALL students Card Sorting Activity (Classifying)
Please read the classroom description on each card and sort the cards into two piles:

Pile One = Characteristics of Integrated Co-teaching
Pile Two = Non-examples of Integrated Co-teaching
Activity Exit Card

1, What have you learned that can have a positive impact on student learning?

2_ What resources are needed to maximize the effectiveness of the integrated co-teaching service? Station Teaching One Teach / One Assist Parallel Teaching Alternative Teaching Team Teaching With your group, discuss ways in which integrated
co-teaching may have a positive impact on student outcomes and support your APPR. Roles and Responsibilities Integrated Co-teaching TEAM TEACHING (co-present) TEAM TEACHING Teachers Co-present ALTERNATIVE TEACHING Teacher 2 with a small group to
Pre-teach, Re-teach or Enrich Teacher 1 with the larger group ALTERNATIVE TEACHING PARALLEL TEACHING PARALLEL TEACHING Group Two Group One ONE TEACH – ONE SUPPORT
(or observe, or drift…) ONE TEACHING – ONE DRIFTING (to assist or observe) Teacher 2: Providing support to individual
students Teacher 1: Teaching the whole class STATION TEACHING STATION TEACHING

A third station may be set up for independent learners

Rotation may take place within a period or over the course of multiple days TEAM TEACHING (co-facilitate) TEAM TEACHING Teachers may focus on specific groups or rotate to help all groups at different points of the lesson Both teachers work
with small groups Teachers Co-facilitate
Small Group Work TEAM TEACHING (co-conference) TEAM TEACHING Students work independently,
both teachers meet
with individual students Teachers Each Conference with Individuals
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