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Hitler Youth Interesting Facts

No description

Sebastian Piszczatowski

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Hitler Youth Interesting Facts

Hitler Youth Interesting Facts
#12. Hitler wanted children to learn Nazi Beliefs because they were much easier to "brainwash"
#2. In the beginning of class, every classroom in Germany would have to stand up and
salute,"Heil Hitler!"
#3. Children often reported their parents for talking against nazis. That would lead to a punishment of jail.
#5. Boys in Hitler Youth were trained how to throw hand grenades and to shoot rifles.
#4. Girls were taught on how to be a good household wife and mother.
#6. Eventually,Hitler Youth had 7 million members and was the largest youth group in the world.
#7.When boys were 10 years old,they joined GYP(German Young People)
#8.When girls were 10,they joined LYG(League of Young Girls)
#9.Teachers often complained that kids were so tired from Hitler Youth Meetings they can barely wake up.
#11.Parents were threatened their children would be thrown into orphanages if they didn't let their children join.
#1.Hitler Youth is an organization where young teens can be apart of the Nazis.
#14. In the first month of battling,20% of Hitler Youth died and we unable to fight anymore.
#13. Posters were used to advertise for more members in Hitler Youth
#10.You could have joined Hitler Youth only if you were pure German. If you you even half Jewish,you weren't allowed to join.
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