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"Cash for Grass" Program

No description

Alina Duenas

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of "Cash for Grass" Program

Governor Brown declared California to be in a State of Emergency because CA "faces one of the most severe droughts on record"
The drought drastically affects the Central Valley that provides the majority of fruits and vegtables for the nation
Less than 1% of fresh water is available for human consumption
Water Conservation Ordinance
These ordinances are enacted by city government.
Why? Water demands outweigh the supplies.
Rules and regulations about days and times people can water their lawns
Fines are given to anyone who violates these rules and regulations

Water Consumption
70% for agriculture
20% for industry
10% for domestic use

We've exploited the earth of it's resources and continue to do so. We cannot afford to carelessly waste such limited resources.
Wasting Water
Landscaping irrigation accounts for more than one-third of residential water use
This water can be wasted even further due to evaporation, wind, and run-off
Lawns: A symbol of wealth?
Lawns require a lot of maintenance and water because the grass is not native to where it is grown
Grass is watered, grown, cut down, and the process is repeated over and over
Those with the economic abilities maintain the most beautiful, lush gardens; they hire people to ensure their lawns are perfectly manicured and well kept
All for Aesthetics?
Lawns do not help promote a diverse ecosystem
Contribute to pollution with lawn mowers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.
Addressing Landscaping Water Misuse
"Cash for Grass" Program

Water Scarcity
Healthier Alternatives:
It is a landscaping technique that uses water efficient plants (native and drought resistant) and other elements such as rocks, stones, etc.

One can still have a beautiful (and creative) yet more eco-friendly lawn.

This conversion could save water, time, money, and our earth.
Examples of Xeriscaping

"Cash for Grass Program"
Many Cities and counties have started a "cash for grass program", where they offer property owners a certain amount of money per square foot to replace their grass with more water efficient landscaping.
All local governments and water districts throughout the nation should offer this incentive or a different incentive like a property tax break if the owner converts to a landscaping that requires less water.
Water scarcity is a severe issue. Sign the petition found in the link below if you believe both government and each individual should do their part to conserve water. The "cash for grass" program should be implemented
"Let's save the earth and conserve water for we may have none tomorrow."
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