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Catcher In The Rye Prezi

Prezi about catcher in the rye

Irina DiGiovanni

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Catcher In The Rye Prezi

Double click anywhere & add an idea Catcher In the Rye Prezi Themes Impulsive We all know that Holden is very impulsive. He does things without thinking them through. The first example of Holden being impulsive is when Holden gets in a fight with Stradlater. He doesn't think that he may get hurt or beat up which leads him to injuries. The second example of Holden's Impulsiveness occurs when he buys the hooker. He ends up not really wanting her or even knowing what to do with her. The last thing Holden does that proves to us he is impulsive is when he decides to run away and live on a farm. He doesn't have the resources for farmlife and he can't communicate well enough to get a job. The second theme that is a major part of the book is Holden's depression. Depression The first example of Holden's depression is when he punched out all the windows in the garage. It shows he is depressed about Allies death. Lastly, Holden sounds depressed because he talks about how he wouldn't mind dying. This shows that Holden is clearly ok with dying. Secondly, Holden sounds depressed and suicidal when he says he wouldn't mind riding the atomic bomb. This clearly shows that he is depressed and needs help. Symbols The first symbol that is important in the story is Holden's Red hat. The hat is key to the story because it is the only real possesion that Holden has. Another reason Holden's hat is important is because he uses it to hide himself from everyone. He doesn't want everyone to see the real him underneath the hat. The hat is significant because Holden ends up giving his sister the hat and that shows us that he truly cares about her and actually has feelings for someone. The other symbol that is important to the story is the record. The song on the record represents Holden wanting to be the catcher in the rye. In his mind he wants to save all of the kids from falling off of the cliff. The cliff in his mind may represent becoming an adult. When Holden broke the record he was going to give to Phoebe, he started to cry. When he shatters it before giving it to her, it symbolizes his own life being torn to pieces. His good intentions didn't work out the way he had hoped. The record Holden buys for Phoebe represents his life then. He only wants Phoebe to be happy and hopes the gift will show he cares about someone besides himself.
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