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Copy of Safety vs. Match vs. Reach Schools

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Christina Mangus

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Safety vs. Match vs. Reach Schools

Goals for Today
1. Establish an understanding between safety, match, & reach colleges/universities.
2. Understand how selectivity plays its part in filtering colleges to apply to.
After this lesson is over, you will know how to determine what your chances are of getting admitted to any school.
the level of difficulty it is to gain admission to a school
Least Selective
Reach School
a school who's admission standards exceed the applicant's credentials therefore falling below the average freshman applicant
A Realistic Reach School
Safety vs. Match vs. Reach Schools
Thank you!
Open admission meaning that every applicant is accepted
Highly Selective
School only admits a small percentage of applicants
Moderately Selective
Majority of schools lie in the middle of selectivity
If SAT Scores are only 100 points below the average incoming freshman & GPA is a 3.4 instead of recommended 3.8 for the college, you have a good chance of getting into this reach school.

What if this school has
High Selectivity?
Match School
a school who's admission standards meet the applicant's credentials
Your transcript may mirror the requirements for application but what about selectivity?
Safety School
How to determine if a school is a Reach, Match, or Safety
The 3 Averages
1. Selectivity or the average applicants vs. the average acceptants
2. Average GPA
3. Average SAT/ACT Scores
College Board
Group Activity
Your goal is to identify if the college is a reach, match, or safety school when compared to the student's resume


Penn Sate Abington

University of Louisville


Penn State Abington

University of Louisville
When high selectivity is a factor add extras!
Average senior applies to 3-5 match schools...
So what's the rule?
a school who's admission standards fall below the average applicant's credentials therefore the likelihood of acceptance increases
-You have a college to go to
-You are going somewhere you want to go
-You may be offered more financial aid
Search Methods
Input GPA, SAT/ACT Scores into Big Future
Input specific college/university & gain information through "Applying" page
Remember: Use the 3 averages

Reach (realistic?)


Reach (Realistic?)

Reach (Realistic?)


Reach (Selectivity)
3 What's
What did we learn?

So What?

Now What?
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