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Within Reach: My Everest Story

No description

Leslie Anne Currie

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Within Reach: My Everest Story

Within Reach: My Everest Story by: Mark Pfetzer and Jack Gavlin
My Everest Story
Did you want to climb Mount Everest, when you were 15 years old? Well Mark Pfetzer did. Most kids his age would not want to go anywhere higher than their 2nd floor. Most of Mark's friends were a lot older than him, but that did not matter. Mark believed he could do what ever he put his mind to, and that carried him a very long ways.
Baby Steps
Of course Mark did not do this all on his own. There were times when he felt like giving up, but friends family, and people he barely knew pushed him, one step at a time. Mark did not start by climbing Mount Everest, he started at Alton Jones Wilderness Center at the University of Rhode Island. Then he hiked mount Crawford with a buddy of his aunt's named frank.
1st attempt to Everest
Last attempt
On Marks last attempt he took the Southern route instead of the Northern route. He went no higher than his last attempt because he found out his father had cancer. So he decided to leave and go support his father.
Author's Purpose
I think the Authors purpose was to inform us about Marks journey of trying to climb Mount Everest. I think he also wanted wanted us to start believing in our selves.

Mark made two attempts. The first attempt did not end up with Mark on top of Everest. What happened was that Mark's coughing and hacking caused him to break a rib, at that point he had to stop.
Context clues
1.Direct explanation: Sherpa is actually the family name of the Nepal people who work most with climbers and trekkers.
2. Inference: As we get ready for the California cold, I'm tempted to tell Tony Tonsing that i already know jumar techniques. I learned it at the high angle rescue course in California-part of my personal training for Everest........ He was surprised and said I was probably the only guy on the Everest trip who knew rescue techniques.
Text features
The text features used in my book were
titles, headings, heading, photograph, caption, and boldface
. I know these are text features because the titles are at the beginning of a chapter Examples:
1. Heading: Everest '95 chapter ten
2. Title: My Everest Story
4. Subheadings: April 23, 1995
5. Caption: On the way to Everest Base Camp
Boldface: high altitude
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