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TOK Presentation 2013

What is Femininity? IB TZ2 TOK

Tracey Chau

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of TOK Presentation 2013

What is Femininity? Miss International Queen beauty pageant Language Emotion CONCLUSION Open to transgenders - born male transformed into female
Judged on femininity
Panel of judges include plastic surgeons, "professionals from fashion design", winners from previous contests
Photos for "pre-screening" What is femininity? Tracey Chau ladyboys accurately judged for their femininity? To what extent are KI: To what extent do the ways of knowing provide a reliable definition of femininity? Areas and Ways of Knowing W: Language, Sense Perception, Emotion, Reason, Authority A: Human Sciences Implications in Other Areas Dictionary Definition Limitations of using Language Definition by exclusion:
"That which is not masculine?" Dependence on other definitions
Meanings change over time; element of subjectivity
Precedence and the Explanatory Gap Sense Perception Link to Language and Emotion Correspondence/Coherence Theory of Truth Limitations of using Sense Perception Subjectivity and Relativity
Materialistic/physical level only Real Life Situation: KPs: Myself (audience), Judges, Contestants Knowers' Perspective Contestants Judges Audience Members Their perceptions of themselves Their individual perceptions of femininity Bias towards own country's contestant
Individual perception of what TV has shown of the contestants How do we then define other social stereotypes? Physiology Gender vs. Sex Having more dominant female hormones than male Limitations Empathy
The universality of emotion Mirror Neurones More Knowledge Issues If you can define something, to what extent can you claim to KNOW what it is?

To what extent can definitions act as a piece of knowledge?

To what extent can you define something with an emotional aspect if you yourself have never felt it before?

To what extent are emotions universal?

Is it possible to have one, objective, uncontested definition of a word which describes a human stereotype? Scientific definition:
"The state of having more oestrogen and progestrone in one's body." Abstract noun - honesty

Can we ever truly claim that we know what it is? Accurate judgement? Perhaps not. Bibliography Miss International Queen 2012, 'Miss International Queen' <http://www.missinternationalqueen.com/> accessed March 25 2013

Wikipedia 2013, 'Mirror neuron' <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_neurons> accessed March 25 2013

Green J & Damji S 2007, 'Chemistry' 3rd edn, IBID Press, Melton, Australia

Collins 2013, 'Collins Dictionaries', <http://www.collinsdictionary.com/>, accessed 25 March 2013

Video - 'Ladyboys' (2011); unable to find source
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